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Forestay spectra size?


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I'm in the process of replacing my twin forestays, that in addition also have the forestay/furler and old sail all attached as one piece, with a single spectra forestay and an old but usable mylar battened jib. Keep in mind I'm not racing just taking out the kids for a hoot.


Anyway I set up the forestay with some spare 3mm spectra I had laying around I also went with a jib halyard. I don't know if that is "normal" or if you just clip the jib on the mast b4 raising the mast like with the old furler setup?


Today we took it out - mainly to test the forestay. I chickened out and still used the twin forestays for backup just in case. All seemed pretty good and there was no slippage of the spectra. Rig was nice and tight I had the old twin forestays tensioned a bit but the spectra forestay was doing the job.


My questions are, what is the normal forestay SS wire size? Is anyone using spectra/dyneema for their rig and lastly to halyard or not?


Any ideas would be appreciated.

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