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wtb 18' foot cat sail

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If you are going new I would get a sail cut for the boat by a very good loft as you don't have a perfect setup for the F18 sail, your mast is no where as stiff as an F18 mast so when you stand the squaretop up you can't rotate the mast properly or the mast just hooks over towards you, so you need the sail to be pulling directly back on the mast. I mentioned the F18 sail as a good idea second hand thinking $500-$600 including battens for a reasonable sail would be a great starting point. When you buy a new sail you will need to buy new matching battens and that will probably set you back another $1000. If you find an early model Nacra F18 not the Infusion you can generally buy the whole boat for around $3000-$4000 and you probably get a couple of sets of sails, good sheets, blocks, full spinnaker setup, good trailer, sailbox's etc plus the most important thing a stronger mast that will handle the sail and boom all setup.
Here's one for $4995 negotiable

I am not suggesting you sail this Nacra but it has all the bits, this one doesn't have a trailer and only one set of sails so will probably only sell for around $3000 (this isn't a highly regarded hull shape)

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thanks for that pete

sail will be at least a metre shorter in the luff than the original, perhaps a bit short ???

and the foot is too long and im pretty sure i have no boom length to play with, even just 100mm

will remeasure and get back to you

thanks again

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