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Winter series on Sydney Harbour


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I am a member at Woollahra sailing club and they are having a winter series starting on the 6th May and running for 6 weeks or so.

I am checking if there is enough interest to run a Cat division, it's a great opportunity to sail on the harbour when it's not too crowded. The club facilities are great with awesome warm showers and great rigging areas etc.

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I will have my F-18 Capricorn down there and looks like we will get a couple more F-18s adn A Class cats.

Here is some more info from Macca

Woollahra are running a winter series and if there is interest they

will run a cat division. The invcentive to turn up is the fat that

Specialised Marine will be sponsoring the cat division with prizes

from Magic Marine and Karver blocks and some other special bits and


If anyone has questions please mail me or just post here.

Details below:-

WSC is hosting a 6 Saturday series across May / June. The day has

been changed to avoid the CYCA BMW Winter series on the Sunday and

the start time moved forward in the hope of morning wind. NOR to be

issued shortly and SI to be available from WSC website by 22nd


Dates: 6th May / 13th May / 20th May (followed by WSC annual

prizegiving) / 27th May / 3rd June / 17th June. No racing on the

Queen's birthday week-end.

Warning signal 12:30 each Saturday. At least 2 races each Saturday

to count toward the series. Low scoring point system with 1 discard

after 6 races and 2 discards after 12 races.

There will be an entry fee (to be determined) for all non-WSC


Prizes still to be determined but there will be lucky draw

participation prizes - each race started & finished (& sign off on

declaration sheet) will give you one ticket into the draw (max 12

tickets available to each boat).

Refreshments (sausages) provided after racing at WSC canteen every

Saturday. The Lasers are joining us from Double Bay and are

expecting large numbers - they will come round to sign-off and have

food with us.

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Looks like we will have a good turn out with the A Class gang, 6 to 7 F18s, Tornado, F14 expressing intentions to compete in the series along with the 49er, 29er and laser sailors. Been geeing up the 18 skiffs also and hope some of them can come and play.

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This Saturday 13th will be round 2 of the Woollahra series. Boats expected are -

Tornado - Macca

Tornado - Steve Maiden (still to confirm)

F18 Capricorn - Stephen Medwell / Brent Vaughan

F18 Capricorn - Mark Laruffa (expected, still to call and confirm)

F18 Capricorn - Greg Wise / Kez Stevens

F18 Hobie Tiger - Brad Owen

F18 Hobie Tiger - Dillan ????

A Class - Steve Brewin

A Class - Brownie

A Class - ????

A Class - ????

F14 430 - Bernie (if he gets his kite sorted by this weekend)

The following boats have expressed intrest in joining us late in the series.

Tornado - David Hart

F18 Tiger - Kringle

F18 Tiger - Grant Rogers

A Class - Gavin

Chris Boag also looks like joining us on the 20th to do pre worlds training with Kez Stevens

If anybody esle is interested........ Come on down and race against a fleet of cats as well as a good fleet of 49ers, B14s and Lasers

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The *430*/F14 (definitely not an Olpha Omega) :O will be on the water with kite this weekend but neither boat or skipper will be race ready frown.gif I'll spend the w/end sorting everything somewhere quiet biggrin.gif and hopefully race the following Satdy if it don't blow.


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Hi guys,

Over the past few weeks we have had some exciting and close racing down at Woollahra between F18s, A Class and Tornadoes whilst joining the 49er, B14 and Laser fleets. Last week we had a visitor from Victoria, Chris Boag join us. We also had a old hydrofoil A class there testing and whilst the breeze did not pick up enough for it to become air born it was interesting to see it.

This Saturday the 28th we are looking at co-ordinating maximum number of cat sailors on the water in a show of force to promote catamaran sailing to those on the harbour. I am aiming at getting the following number of boats on the water to join a healthy fleet of monos…

7 x F18s (3 Capricorns and 4 Tigers)

6 x A Class

3 x Tornadoes

1 x F14

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Last Satdy was just a little blowey for 430 / F14 spinnaker sailing so it stayed in the sock. It was an afternoon of good competitive sailing at this friendly venue. I had a great time and would like to thank Steve Medwell for his interest and help on the day.

So is there racing next Saturday?

I'll be v/happy if the breeze is around 10k. wink.gif

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Cheers Berny and thanks to the many sailors that came down and joined us. It was a great event and good advertising for cat sailing.

Spoke to Woollahra and they idicated that they may also run a Spring Series July / August. I will ask Macca if he can keep and ear out for us.

Also don't forget that in late August the Sydney Flying Squadron will be hosting their Brass Monkey regatta where out cats go head to head with monos from 18, 16, 14, 12 skiffs, foil moths, Cherubs, ICs, Lasers, 49ers, 29ers and more. Last years event was awsome and the cats realy took it to the skiffs........ Lets do it bigger and better this August and realy scare the $%^& ot of them.

Will keep you updated there.

Berny, my boat will be off the water for atleast another week, but expect to get back on the water on the first weekend in July. Will likely be training out of our home club, Kurnell. You are welcome to come down and join us.

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