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Complete rebuild Mk2, Race ready, V/good cond on reg trlr $1200 neg


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All fittings removed, spars inspected (No corrosion) replaced with Duralac anti corrosion compound, New tramp, dolphin striker, stays. Mast raked, rudders balanced to suit rake. 2/1 rudder pull down system, tramp track mod, Very good reg gal trlr, 4 stud mini wheels and spare. 02 43591729 

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Remember 2611 that the sail number bears no relationship to the boat.  Not sure what happens now but in the day, when you wanted a new sail the sailmaker (who then was registered with the manufacturer) contacted the factory and was give a new number.  This way there was an impression that there were far more Mari's around than had actually been built.


Now we pretty much choose our own number.  I've got 16 (which is actually the 16th boat out of the factory) and 73 which is a number I made up.


I think there are some Mari's with a registration number stamped on the hull somewhere.


Again the age or serial number bears no relationship to the condition.  It's the actual condition that is what you need to check.  Typically a "Darcy" boat is going to be pretty sound since the old bugger seems to know about these boats! 

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