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where to sail Maricat?

lindsay s

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Concord/Ryde has a fleet of Mari's. I'm not sure of how many mari's may be at Kurnell (or other 14's for that matter). The other option is to drive to Mannering Park on Lake Macquarie , which quite a few Sydney blokes do, especially if you live north of the harbour bridge. Or another option is Lake Illawarra at Port Kembla.  Manno sails on Saturdays 1st race is about 1.00pm, I have a feeling Concord sails Saturday too.  The Maricat Assoc are having the state titles at Palm Beach 22nd 23rd of November, it would be great to have you sail with us there.  Notice of race and rego details are here in the Maricat section of catsailor.




Phil Johnston

Current President Maricat Assoc NSW/ACT

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Don't be intimidated by the term "state titles".


It is just an excuse to get a group of Maricats together, and yes, trophies are given out for the boat that comes first.....and last and handicap and the best capsize and anything else.


We will get lots of pointers just by being there, see how the boats are set up and how to make them go better and safer.

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Yes definitely go and join in.  Budge is a great location, just watch near the shore, it's quite shallow over the other side of the club.


Take your cat with you.  Remember that the cats that have centreboards (like the Paper Tigers) can sit on the start line at zero knots and just go - in a Mari you have to have some speed up otherwise you stall and have to go backwards to get onto a reach before you start (ask me how I know this!).


http://budgewoisailingclub.org.au/ is the linky, the site says the NOR and SI's are there.


Darcy is the tall guy with a white goatee (makes a lot of noise too!) - boat No 5000 Zax.

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Lindsay, if "Twice as Nice" is the 4.3 from the private van park, at Mannering Park, we have spoken to each other, if not, there are 2 Maris with the same name. You would be more than welcome at the Budgewoi regatta, and I will be there both days (Sailing, if not required on 1 of the rescue boats)

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Hi Lindsay

Feel free to drop down to CRSC on Saturday afternoons. We have 7 Mari's racing most Saturday's as well as 3 Paper Tigers.

On yardstick the Mari's are keeping the PT's honest. Last weekend we had 12 boats for our marathon to Cockatoo Is.

A few of our guys will be at Palm Beach next weekend for the State Titles, the others will sail at CRSC.

We are a family club, relaxed and inviting and close to home for Sydnet residents.

We race every Sat from 1st weekend in Sept to end of April start time is 2pm with happy hour after the race.

Mari skippers range from 30yrs to 75yrs many with over 25 yrs at CRSC?

We look forward to meeting you soon.


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