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Manning Point Marathon

Pointed Reply

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The Manning Point to Taree Marathon is on Sunday 18th January, with the Manning regatta on Saturday.


Anyone thinking of going.


I sailed the Marathon a couple of years ago and it was an interesting experience..........not exciting but interesting.


On that occasion I had support crew to drop me at Manning Point then meet me at Taree at the end of the marathon.


This year I would be solo....


If anyone else is going we could do a double deck shuffle or something....



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I think they have buses to take you from one place to another.  Probably best to drop the boat off at the Point then drive the car back to Taree then get a bus back.  We sailed up but we had the Careel 18 then (I think I won $25 for that!).  Got absolutely hammered overnight in the Bowlo, the kids couldn't believe how cheap the drinks were compared to Sydney bar prices.


Was quite interesting too when we went but I've heard it can get quite breezy.

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I do it every year, but did last year with my 6yo son - with the square head and asymmetric kite rig.


We won the multi division by a mile - beating Nacra 58s, Hobie 18/16s, Taipans, and all but the Bones (Taipan w/ kite) on scratch (and obviously rating!).  They ended up dropping our yardstick as far as 79 before deciding that we won it fair and square!


Will be doing it again this year with the same setup - might run a slightly bigger kite!!!

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I have been asked for a report on this event....so

I arrived at Manning Point about 9.00am and rigged up on the beach. After some discussion with other competitors I took my car and trailer to Taree parked next to the club house and got a lift back to Manning Point with one of the locals.

The fleet of about 50 boats was made up of a mix of trailer sailers to Spirals and everything in between. Three starts were scheduled slow monohull at 12.00pm, slower cats and faster monos at 12.45 and fastest boats, skiffs and F cats at 1.30.

There was a steady breeze/wind for the start which held throughout the race. BOM shows a max gust of 48 kph at Taree airport at 3pm from the SSE. I sailed this event a few years ago and we ran out of wind up the river so I rigged super sloop to max sail area.

I had a conservative start but gradually hauled in other boats, I rounded up the trailer sailers, outpaced the MGs and rounded up the other cats and the Wetas, Pointed Reply was flying....after about 4ks I hit the division lead....with no other boats in sight ahead and not knowing where to go ........

The wind made it a strong port reach to a run with the wind coming in waves of bullets over the land. It was a matter of trying to slow down and control the gusts, there was a big bend in the river which was going to need a gybe......which coincided with the strongest breeze of the day......and yes in I went slipped off the back and a turtle, jib still cleated and mast stuck in the bottom......it took a bit of time to re right......but then away again.......this time with boats to follow.......gradually passing boats.

The wind pattern stayed the same, expect for the gybe ! , it was port reach all the way....huge gust then light but a fairly steady 15 odd knots most of the time, no chance to risk the trapeze and the marrs bars stayed in the hatch.

I finished in just under 2 hours after about 25 km and managed 2nd on hcp in the division and 15th overall, without the capsize the Mari would have been right up with the leaders. The results are on the Taree Sailing Club website.

Besides the swim, it was a very enjoyable experience and I recommend it to others and something different.

The rigging and unrigging area at the start and finish is good, entry and club facilities good, entry and prizes excellent.......

The only problem is working out how to get car and trailer to the finish line.....for visitors without support crew this was a worry. TSC could work something out to attract more visitors instead of a random walk along the beach seeking a lift....

I'll be back....

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