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Rigging - stay lengths


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Hi all

Kiwi sailors are finally getting around to upgrading rigging from the original stay setup I.e. 2 x front stays to the adjustable single forestay and adjustable side stays

Have looked at getting a set of stays from Windrush but cost+ freight to NZ + duty makes it pricey and the fact that we have 5 boats wanting to upgrade means it will be easy to do all at once and more affordable.

I Found the stay lengths in the class rules on the Windrush Ass site

Adjustable single forestay. 4.575 to 4.610 metres.

Adjustable side stays. . 4.720 to 4.770 metres.

Jib strop/forestay bridle. Not less than 2.160 metres

(measured between the bearing surfaces of the snap hook).

We will be using the 8 hole adjusters so wanting to confirm these lengths are correct?

Also be keen to see how your rigging the bridle and forestay, is adjuster at top of jib? Some photos would be great.

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No answers but I do have a question. Are you going Spectra or similar?


I have for the forestay, I went 4mm and used the Estar Knots which I then wrapped in amalgamating tape. It has been great BUT I still have the old twin forestay rigged until I get more confident there is no slippage. As for length I just replicated the old bridle and stay but I don't race.

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I went 4mm which I was told is overkill but I used that because I didn't use splices just knots therefore the strengths are reduced. This logic is based on riggers advice. We are talking strains that are theoretical.


Re stretch I'm "cruisin" and haven't noticed any but for your application you could use the dux which is pre-strectched also keep in mind you have adjusters so any stretch can be recalibrated.

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