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What pressure to run in a 4.80/4.00-8 trailer tyre


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Depends a bit on your trailer suspension and weight of your trailer, as a guide if your trailer springs still have a lot of bend in them once your all loaded up and the trailer easily bounces up and down you can put 38 psi in the tyres because the springs will soften the ride for your boat, if you haven't got much bend in the springs or the suspension is super stiff you can leave it at 30 psi so the tyres give a bit of suspension. Less tyre wear with the higher pressure but you don't want to shake your boat to death

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I used to run my Careel 18 light truck tyres (13") at 50 psi.  Some of our Careel people had plenty of time and tried different pressures, the lower pressures (eg 38 for a 1 tonne careel) were too low and resulted in heating up.  50 meant the tyre and wheel stayed quite cool.


Test it - 38 and do a few K's then stop and feel the tyre, the wheel and the bearings.  If warm then bump it up a little.


Oh yes, that 90 psi at 750kgs is what you need the tyre to be to manage the weight.  Your Windy'll be about 300kgs on the trailer so quite a different set of rules.

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