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What pressure to run in a 4.80/4.00-8 trailer tyre?


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My understanding was that they operate best in the 28-32 psi range, so I keep mine around 30-32 typically.

It will depend too on what else you are carrying. I'm not sure of the exact pressure used, but back in the day, I think my father would have increased it a bit when we took the sailbox out and put a Laser dinghy between the hulls (and then put all the sails and other equipment on the tramp).


But of course if your suspension is on it's last legs then you could go with slammin's suggestion, lower the pressure and get your tyres to do the work in that regard  :-)

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The tyres are likely to need replacing before they show any major wear.  We normally do so very few kms that the five year limit is likely to get to the tyre first.  I know that tyres often last much longer but watch them for cracking etc of the sidewall.  It isn't nice to have one go at 110 kms on the freeway.  Happened to me once, by the time I'd come to a stop the tyre was shredded and the wheel (10" alloy) broken up (and it was quite a new tyre).  I was lucky because the wheel was a bolt on.  With the little 8" jobbies they have integral bearings so much harder to fix on the roadside (assuming that you've got a spare). 


Also with the smaller wheels remember that they are turning much more often than 13 or 14" tyres so they need to be pumped up harder to minimise heat buildup.

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