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Who is getting sick of the spammers


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I offered Robert my time to assist with the cleaning and daily spammer deletion ...

( I moderate on several other forums so the knowledge of the workings is all ready there, saves time in training up someone :) 


Since that offer was taken up I hope I've been on here often enough to keep the site largely clear of the rubbish



just so you all know there's atleast one a day and every 3rd day there seems to be 2 new ones join up and dribble all over the place




Also incase you weren't aware of it,

posting in a spammers thread in most cases will generate an automatic email to "them" that the thread has been updated, they usually return within 24hrs and post up more junk with yet another new username .......

Please don't post in the threads..... just click the report button and type in spammer, click send 


I'm here every day atleast once, usually in the early hours just after the spammers have finished and on a few nights too on the odd occasion just for a double check.






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We're still being hit by spam accounts and on a very regular basis, often these accounts are new accounts having being created within the last 24hours or so....

However, a few accounts of late have been from much older registrations and have just been left as "sleeper accounts".

As soon as they appear I'm banning them and hopefully I'm staying on top of these parasites.

Had 2 reports today of a single spammer hitting 2 threads, overall however I banned 4 spam accounts in total and this seems to be the norm these days.

EDIT: make that 5 spammers today ;)

Again to all members, please hit the report button and leave the spammers post as is, don't reply to it or 'click' on any of the links they post or are in their account as a "hompage" suggestion.....



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For all that you guys do Nixon and Pirate, thankyou.  This forum is used by many sailors as a way to stay in touch and to get info on boats that many have bought but do not know how to rig tune or sail. 

Thanks again for all the work that you guys are doing.




Maricat Assoc NSW/ACT

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