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18 sq


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I just searched Nacra 18sq on google, and this beauty filled the screen!

I have a very old 18sq that needs a lot of work, and this is the inspiration that I was looking for (Sail no 128)

I'm also based in QLD, in Bowen that is at the top of the Whitsundays - our off the beach sailing club is looking fairly lively this season so I'd better think about getting started with a refurb.

What sort of condition was the boat in when you sent it to the Brisbane shop?, and how reasonable was the price of the work carried out?




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Hi Justin,

great to hear there is another one out there.

My 18sq was sailable but in very sad condition.  The work done on the boat was a new square top (reused the old battens in it to save some bucks), new boom and 10:1 main.    new front beam and dolphin striker.  removal of the knee breaking aluminium tubes between the fore and aft beams.  New Cross cut trap (which allows you to take the tubes out as it stiffens the boat).  New deeper rudders (infusion style) and acumen tiller system (reused castings- but required the gudgeons to be relocated).   The mast is basically original we just upgraded the halliard  to the standard Nacra ring and hook arrangement.

my hulls are not too bad did a bit of work on them to fix some leaks etc. (still have one around the port centerboard case)  re-gelcoated the bottom seam and gave it a sand and buff.  Probably needs s few more hours of work on the hulls -  might do this next off season.

The new rig and rudders has transformed the boat,  I am still struggling a little to get a handle on the square top but the boat with some tweaking is getting faster every outing  -seems to finish in the middle of the 5.8 fleet in races ( slightly faster upwind the 5.8 and a bit slower downwind, but think there is still some potential in the rig I haven't tapped into yet).  At 11 foot wide it seems to makes the A class boys a bit nervous when you come up behind them.

Price wise it owes me about the same as a race ready second hand 16 sq.-  which I recon is great value as it is a hoot to sail. 

get yours going and bring it to the nationals a lake cootharabah  and we will dust of the national trophy!



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haven't gone there yet, the boat did have brackets for a righting bar but I haven't reinstalled it.  Think you would have no chance of righting it without one.

having said that being 11 foot wide you get a lot of opportunity to redress a bad situation before it gets worse!

did you buy the sydney boat on gumtree?

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Thanks for the reply, I'm putting a righting bar on this one, yep it's the gum tree one, I thought it would be pretty rough but it turned out it was Bob Forbes one that used to have the wingsail, but now has a carbon T mast and square top sail, it's in good nick for the age, I just have to put the fittings back on the mast, can you tell me what tension you are running on your diamonds and what mast rake you are using

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sorry about the late reply haven't had the boat out for a few weeks.  The mast on my 18 is the original pear aluminium one (same as on 5.8) I am running about 35mm of spreader rake to take some of the belly out of the middle of the sail.  diamond wires are tight - mast is pre bent.  With regard to mast rake I was running around front hatch cover (lake sailing)  this clearly isn't back enough as I cartwheeled it on the weekend - its a long way up /down from the back corner!

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