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Twofold Bay Regatta 14-15 Feb


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The following is Notice of Race for the Twofold Bay Regatta, reproduced with permission of the club.

Twofold Bay is just south of Eden, near the NSW/Vic border. The club has just hosted the Flying Eleven Australian Championship; 73 entries. They went away happy. Good sailing and mostly good weather.

The Twofold Bay Regatta attracts 50 to 60 boats of various classes- various cats, NS14's, FF15's, small trailables, Sabres and other dinghies.

Competitors must be a members of a sailing club to be eligible to enter the regatta. We would welcome your company at the regatta.



35th Annual Twofold Bay Regatta

Saturday & Sunday 14-15 February 2009

Twofold Bay Yacht Club

Twofold Bay - Eden NSW

This notice invites entries for the 35th Annual Regatta.

This regatta is organised under the authority of the Twofold Bay Yacht Club.

1. Rules: The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing, the Special Regulations of the Australian Yachting Federation (AYF), the class rules of yachts competing (except as any of these are altered by the sailing instructions) and by the sailing instructions.

2. Alteration to Racing Rules: For yachts of the International Flying Fifteen class, the RRS, AYF Addendum A, AYF Special Regulations, are relaxed to require competing yachts to comply with the Special Regulations, Part 2 - 'Off the Beach' Boats.

3. Eligibility and Entries:

3.1 The regatta is open to yachts of all types and classes. Racing will be conducted in 6 Divisions.

Division 1 - Multihulls with VYC Yardstick of 86 and less.

Division 2 - Multihulls with VYC Yardstick of more than 86.

Division 3 - Monohulls with VYC yardstick of 119 and less

Division 4 - Monohulls with VYC Yardstick of more than 119.

Division 5 - Trailable Yachts with CBH of .79 and less.

Division 6 - Trailable Yachts with CBH of .80 and more.

Keelboats will be allocated to Divisions 6 or 7.

There will be individual Class Divisions for fleets of 6 yachts or more racing within a division.

3.2 Competing keel boats/trailable boats shall comply with Category 6 requirements of Part 1 of the AYF Special Regulations and 'off the beach boats' shall comply with Part 2 of the AYF Special Regulations. Competing yachts shall comply with all their Class Rules.

3.3 Yachting Australia (YA) prescribes that all yachts have on board a person in charge who shall be a member of a Club that is affiliated to a State/Territory Member Yachting Authority and a member of YA.

3.4 Any crew on board a yacht who sails in more than 3 races in any one season shall be a member of a Club that is affiliated to a State/Territory Member Yachting Authority and a member of YA.

3.5 Each participating yacht is required to be insured with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of $5,000,000 for any accident.

4. Fees: The entry fee for the Regatta is $50.00 per yacht or $15 per race.

5. Schedule of Events:

Saturday 14th Feb 2009

0800 Registration

1100 Warning signal for first division for Race 1

1400 Warning signal for first division for Race 2

Sunday 15th Feb 2009

1000 Warning signal for first division for Race 3

1300 Warning signal for first division for Race 4

No warning signal will be made after 1500 on Sunday 15th February 2009.

6. Registration: Entries will be taken from 0800 hours, Saturday 14th February 2009 at the TBYC Clubhouse, Quarantine Bay, Eden.

7. Sailing Instructions: Sailing Instructions will be available from 0800 on Saturday 15th February 2009 at the TBYC Clubhouse.

8.Courses: The courses will be sailed on Twofold Bay and will be described in the sailing instructions.

9.Scoring: The Low Point scoring system, Appendix A-4.1, will apply modified so that each boat's series score will be the total of her race scores, with her worst score discarded if four races have been completed.

10.Prizes: Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the organising committee to placegetters on Yardstick and Handicap in each Division, with additional class prizes where applicable.

11.Disclaimer: Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. The organising authority and all parties involved in the event's organization accept no liability for any loss, damage, death or injury which may occur to property or persons, both ashore and afloat, as a consequence of participation in this event. The establishment of the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions in no way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of a competitor being solely and entirely responsible for the management of a yacht that he/she is sailing.

12.Social: Light lunches and refreshments will be available on both days at the Clubhouse. On Saturday evening there will be a dinner and get together.

13.Further Information: Contact Roger Mathews on 6495 9600 or Glenda Wood on 6496 1338.

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Twofold Bay Yacht Club 35th Annual Regatta – Race Report

This year’s regatta was contested by around 40 boats, from 18 different classes. A catamaran division consisted of Neil & David Joiner on sloop-rigged Mosquito “Immunity”, Tim Shepherd on cat-rigged Mosquito “Karma Kat”, Tony Hastings and Max Dogger on Paper Tigers “Pelikinetic” and “Why Worry?” respectively.

Race 1 began in a drifter, which increased to 5 knots and swung from SW to E. A swell rolled through with occasional 2m sets, which the wind fluctuating between peaks & troughs, so that if the sail were pulled in & out to keep flowing one would have been accused of pumping it. Winner was Immunity, who stayed with the wind to pull clear ahead on the first leg.

Race 2 was mostly 5 knots, with occasional 15 knot gusts in the last ½ of the race. Winner was Karma Kat, who had the best speed and stayed out in front in clear air. Flying 15s, NS14s and keel yachts maintained similar speeds to the Paper Tigers in the light airs, which made the race a fun challenge.

Race 3 began in very light winds, which dropped out completely after an hour or so, so the race was abandoned.

Race 4 was sailed in fairly steady 10 to 15 knots E, with the 2m swell continuing to provide excitement. The Mosquitos sliced through the waves, powering away to be by far the fastest boats on the course. In a close battle, Immunity maintained a lead throughout he race to claim the race win and 1st place for the Division.

Both Mosquitos have Kevlar hulls, moulded carbon-fibre foils, Mylar sails & fully adjustable rigs. They were very closely matched in speed, providing a great example of a boat that can be sailed solo, or with a father & son team. Young David loved the thrilling ride, standing out on trapeze as they sailed into the swells.

Pelikinetic was fast compared to the monohulls, enjoying overtaking boats all around the course to finish a consistent 3rd in each race. Why Worry struggled in very department, starting late in 2 races and on the 1 minute gun in 2 others, getting caught in traffic and eventually retiring from the last race with a hull full of water.

Thanks to the Twofold bay yacht Club for a great weekend, to the sponsors for generous prizes, and to all skippers for great company and sportsmanship.

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