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Mallacoota Adventure Challenge


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When: September 26 & 27 (School holidays)

Where: Mallacoota, far-eastern Victoria, on the coast near the NSW border

What: A weekend of sailing, with an adventure race on the Saturday and more traditional triangle races on the Sunday.

The event is not confirmed at this stage, but has support from local sailors and may be run under the banner of the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club.

The adventure challenge will explore the flooded valleys that are Mallacoota’s Top Lake & Bottom Lake, which are connected by “the narrows”. The long and difficult course will have variations to suit any trailerable sailing craft and kayaks, and include a picnic lunch at a remote beach.

The races will be held on a small triangle course, with great views for spectators from Karbeethong hill.

Local sailing craft include sailboards, Hobie tri-marans, Hobie 14 & 16, Paper Tigers, Laser, Contender, Minnow and a variety of trailer-sailor yachts. There are also many keen local kayakers, so the event is planned to cater to all non-motorised craft.

If successful, the Mallacoota Adventure Challenge may inspire reformation of the Mallacoota Sailing Club. Hurrah!

This page may be revised with more accurate details as planning evolves, and maps, notice of Race, etc may be found at: http://www.geocities.com/wallagoot/program.html

Even if the event is not formally organised, you are encouraged to come to Mallacoota for a sail. The caravan park has about 600 sites, including sites with boat mooring. See http://www.mallacootaholidaypark.com.au/

Boats can be parked for free on the Karbeethong foreshore, in front of Karbeethong Lodge, http://www.karbeethonglodge.com.au/, and just down the hill from the Adobe Mudbrick Flats, http://www.adobeholidayflats.com.au/

Please send any suggestions or comments to tonyquoll@yahoo.com

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Great... I'll be there. Still haven't figured out who gives way. Mixed fleet sail and rowing. Do we all start together?Same course? Maybe the Kayaks will beat us to the windward mark...how do I call starboard on a kayak? They can take a short cut thru the shallow parts of the lake.This is going to be a HOOT.An Adventure Challange plus racing. Has anyone run a similar mixed fleet event before?

regards maxim


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NEW DATE: October 3,4

to coincide with school & public holidays.

Planning for the event is progressing well, with Sailing Instructions & Notice of Race almost ready. However administration and insurance hurdles have to be jumped before these can be released. Should be OK; there's strong support from locals and visitors.

Max & I took part of the Challenge today; sailing through the Narrows to Goanna Bay in Top Lake. The wind blew from the North-east across Bottom Lake; 10 knots gusting to just over 15. We flew into the Narrows on a broad reach, leaning back to keep the nose up. Immediately on entering the narrows, Max stopped in a glassy hole while I drifted along the western shore. The sail would tack as you continued straight ahead, the streamers change from straight behind to straight ahead as apparent wind overtook the swirling breeze. It was a Zen challenge of focus, concentration, reading the water and understanding the effect of topography on wind.

The boat begins bobbing in excitement as we enter Top Lake, as some wind chop heralds faster times ahead. With the hull flying all the way, it was a fast work to Goanna Bay.

The quaint jetty and beach were picturesque, while the picnic area was discretely hidden by foliage. A Lyrebird sang a welcoming song, introducing me to the calls of the local birds, and pleaded for a whistled response. The boat glided to a stop, offering quiet reflection of a goal so near, yet impossible to attain.

Perhaps the winner of the Mallacoota Adventure Challenge will not be the one on the dias, grinning in glory, but the one at the back, serenely smiling and at peace with themselves.

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