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Bateman's Bay Anzac Regatta

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Notice of Race

Batemans Bay ANZAC Weekend Regatta

April 25th and 26th 2009

Batemans Bay Sailing Club invites you and your crew to the Batemans Bay ANZAC

weekend regatta to be held at Batemans Bay on April 25th and 26th 2009.

1. Rules

The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of

Sailing 2009-2012, the relevant class association rules and by the Sailing Instructions.

2. Eligibility and Entry

The regatta is open to all off the beach dinghies and multihulls which comply with

their relevant class measurement rules and with Yachting Australia special regulations

Part 2. Trailerable yachts may enter if they comply with Yachting Australia special

regulations Part 1 Category 7.

Entries may be lodged at the Batemans Bay Sailing Club (BBSC), Hanging Rock,

Batemans Bay from 0900 to 1100 on Saturday April 25th by submitting the Entry Form

together with payment of $50.00 ($55.00 for Trailerable Yachts) for entry into the entire

regatta or $15.00 ($20.00 for trailerable yachts) per race entered for entry into individual

races. Entries may be lodged from 0900 to 0930 on Sunday April 26th for those

competitors who are only racing on that day.

3. Advertising

The regatta will be a Category C event as described in the Racing Rules of Sailing

2009-2012, Rule 80 and ISAF Regulation 20, Advertising Code.

4. Racing Schedule

A competitors meeting will be held at the BBSC Clubhouse at 1100 on Saturday

April 25th. The warning signal for Race One is scheduled for 1225 on Saturday April

25th with Race Two to be held as soon as possible after Race One.

The warning signal for Race Three is scheduled for 1055 on Sunday April 26th

with Race Four to be held as soon as possible after Race Three. Trailerable yachts will

compete in one long race on Sunday April 26th using the BBSC Pentastar course (as

described in the Sailing Instructions) with a warning signal scheduled for 1055.

5. Sailing Instructions

The sailing instructions will be available upon registration.

6. Venue

The regatta will be conducted from the Batemans Bay Sailing Club, Hanging

Rock, Batemans Bay, NSW. The racing will take place on Batemans Bay.

7. Courses

The courses will be as described in the Sailing Instructions.

8. Scoring

The Low Point System, of Appendix A will apply. Four races are scheduled (three

for trailerable yachts). A minimum of two races shall be completed to constitute a series.

All races completed will count towards each boat’s series score.

9. Bouyancy

All competitors shall wear personal flotation devices which are in good condition

and are in accordance with applicable boating regulations in New South Wales. Attention

is drawn to Fundamental Rule 1.2.

10. Support Boats

Coaches and other support personnel shall stay at least 100 metres outside racing

laylines from the time of the preparatory signal until the finish of the last boat in a race,

except when asked to assist by the Race Committee.

11. External Communications

A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive

communications not available to all boats for the purpose of obtaining outside assistance.

This requirement also applies to mobile telephone communications.

12. Prizes

If five or more boats of a YA or TYA Affiliated class are entered, they will be

awarded prizes for first second and third in that class. All other boats will compete in

open classes for 1. Off the beach dinghies 2. Off the beach multihulls and 3. Trailerable

yachts. Class 1 and 2 results will be calculated according to Yachting Victoria yardsticks

or the most relevant modification thereof as decided by the Race Committee. Class 3

results will be calculated according time correction factors (tcf’s) supplied by the

Trailerable Yachting Association of NSW. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and

third in each class.

Additional prizes may be awarded.

13. Rights to Use Name and Likeness

In participating in this event a competitor automatically grants to the Organising

Authority and any sponsors of the event, the right in perpetuity, to make, use and show

from time to time and at their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live

television, taped or filmed television and other reproductions of him/her during the period

of the competition for the said event in which the competitor participates and in all

material relating to the said event without compensation.

14. Entry Disclaimer

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS,

Fundamental Rule 4, Decision to Race. Batemans Bay Sailing Club, its officers, members

and agents accept no liability in respect of loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage

to property which may be sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the


15. Insurance

Each participating boat shall have valid third party liability insurance cover of not

less than AUD$5,000,000 (AUD$10,000,000 recommended). All competitors who sign

the Entry Form are deemed to have made a declaration that they hold such cover.

Competitors may be required to produce evidence of such insurance and any competitor

not holding this cover shall withdraw their entry.

16. Further information

For further information, please contact Lachlan Brown on 02 4472 8204 or email

at jandlbrown@optusnet.com.au

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The Batemans Bay Regatta was wild. Gusty westerly winds with peak gusts of 25 knots, average around 20. A 2m easterly swell made surfing upwind possible, with boatwakes and chop to 1m testing the various cat's noses.

While I didn't see the cause of the stacks, at least 5 different cats went upside down. I felt particularly sorry for the Maricat, who didn't even get on the boat before being wiped out in the surf while tring to launch off Corrigan's Beach.

I am light-weight, and in the strong conditions I was almost blown over by gusts when going to windward, got airborne with wind under the tramp and got a bruised arse from hiking out and back with a leg over the rear-crossbeam, full tilt boogie!

The racing was a battle for boat control, speed and strategy.

The start of the first race was so heavily port biased, that monohull divisions had boats tacking just to cross the line, bravely crossing through a stream of starboard boats. Lots of yelling and swerving, but didn't hear anything crunch.

Batemans Bay's famous lesson in reading the Sailing Instructions continued, as the starting sequence, multiple windward bouys and double finish line caught a few people out.

With a flat sail, fully hiked and the windward hull flying, short gusts allowed pinching to windward. In sustained blasts, easing the traveller and bearing off for speed was fun, especially when catching the swell upwind.

The line of reaching boats with spinnakers were a factor when to deciding to tack for the windward mark, as were wind shifts and and lift along the northern edge of the course. At times there were capsized boats all over the course and near the marks, although broaching yachts deserved the most room.

The large triangular course didn't offer much reaching, it wasn't much off the fast cat's usual downwind tacks.

Sailing home afterwards was a highlight. In the strongest winds of the day, going for it. Exhausted, cold, should head back... after one more fast flight!

A cold front passed overhead at 4am Sunday, leading to 10 knots over breakfast, 20 knots before thinking about rigging up, and at least 30 knots of sandblast while packing up the boats.

The Clubhouse, rigging area and various lodgings were all seperate, so conversations between skippers was rare.

We all seemed to leave with mixed feelings, of great euphoric moments, mistakes to rectify and a hunger for more.


Following is sailing report from the BBSC website:



Regatta Blowout

There was plenty of breeze last weekend for the Eurobodalla Tourism Batemans Bay ANZAC Regatta. 92 boats entered despite the foreboding weather forecast. These included off the beach dinghies, catamarans and trailerable yachts. Most of the competitors came from Sydney and Canberra, but in a pleasing trend there were a healthy number of Eurobodalla sailors out there. On Saturday there were two races held. A solid 20 knot westerly breeze ensured plenty of capsizes and wipeouts . In particular the Magic 25 yachts, which carry three crew on trapeze, were on the edge of control all around the track. There were some classes of boat which had enough entries to race against each other. The others were grouped into divisions and raced against the clock, with their results worked out using a handicap rating or yardstick for each different type of boat.

Race officer Peter Connell and his trusty crew aboard “Cape Fear” set a triangular course in the middle of the Bay with the assistance of mark boats “Side Step” (skippered by Dave Boardman), “Sea Change” (Michael O’Brien) and Rob Hooke’s tugboat. Earlier “Sea Change” hit Acheron Ledge while setting a mark to warn of this hazard. She sustained a bent prop but it could have been much worse. Batemans Bay sailors are hoping Waterways NSW will eventually show some sense and set a permanent cardinal mark there.

In the Flying Dutchman class sailing legends Ian McCrossin and James Cook dominated with their new German built boat “Lupercus 60”. The inimitable Rick Shortridge from Nimmitabel skippered “Proud Aussie” to victory in the Lightweight Sharpies. Matt Craig and Gary Foley scored a popular win in the Tasar class aboard “Sea Ferret”. James Gough had too much upwind grunt for the other ten Laser skippers. Veterans Richie Reynolds and Lissa McMillan handled their B14 “The Nude” with aplomb to place first in the yardstick division for big dinghies. The small dinghies’ division was taken out convincingly by Chris Thompson sailing a Windsurfer One Design. Thompson, a former sailboarding professional, made sailing a windsurfer around a course in 20 knots look easy even though it isn’t.

The Magic 25 “Hit N’Run” skippered by Fred Kasparek won the trailerable yacht division. Arguably the biggest challenge for the trailerable yachts was crossing the barred Clyde River entrance on the way out and back from the racecourse. A high swell made for an anxious bar crossing for all. Trailerable yacht crews were given a special briefing on the best route to take, which as we all know is nowhere near the course indicated by the leads.

There was a good turn up amongst the multihull community. Vincentia’s Andrew and Georgii McKenzie won the big cats’ division sailing their Hobie 16. The smaller cats’ division featured a tie for first between Tony Hasting’s Paper Tiger “Pelikinetic” and the Maricat sloop “Pointed Reply” sailed by Rodney and Zac Anderson.

A big front came through on Saturday night causing some damage to boats sitting on Corrigans Beach. Gale force winds on Sunday forced an early cancellation of the day’s racing. Despite this the overwhelming feeling amongst competitors was that the regatta had been a success. This was thanks in no small way to the many volunteers who put in the hours both on and off the water to make it happen.”

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