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I've asked for a recount.  The first pictures of the results which was a screen shot of the elapsed times for Saturday showed that incorrect handicaps had been applied.

When I signed in Doreen showed me the VYC 2016/17 yardsticks which show Maricat 4.3 cat rigged as 95.5 plus one for grp.  That's what I put.  Trouble is everyone else put 96 and 97 so I was giving the GRP's half a minute and only getting half a minute from the foamies.

This means that on the couple of occasions that Dave was right behind me (there was one where he was about 30metres behind) then he'd get the win (Dave and I both have GRP boats).

I put the times for Saturday in a spreadsheet and adjusted them for the correct handicap.  I was half a point ahead.

Trouble is they didn't show the same elapsed times for the Sunday.

It was certainly close racing in excellent conditions.  I think it was 8-12knots on Saturday and probably 6-9 on Sunday with maybe a couple of bigger gusts.  Wind was E and ESE so coming straight over the dunes without much to stop them.  Wind was quite variable in terms of both strength and direction which made things quite interesting.  At one start I had to do a 360 but was second cat around the mark.  I went right instead of following the others and greatly benefited.  On other occasions if you did that you lost out significantly.

Budgewoi is a smallish lake but big enough for the F18s and foiling A's that were there.  Small cats sailed a four cornered course.  I won't say it was square though but the outlying marks kept us mostly clear of the big cats doing windward/leewards.  Best thing was the lack of waves - wasn't flat but at Mannering Park we get quite big waves coming down the lake, not here though.

There's nothing more stomach churning if you're at the front of the pack on a run and a nice gust blows through from behind!

The only other small cat was a Paper Tiger from Kurnell.  He got a lift on the top of a F18, there were three mono's too.

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22 hours ago, Pete said:

Thanks. Some mature sailors amongst the medals.

Old farts, yes.  It's no longer a young persons class.  The youngsters knock up dad for a foiling A class these days!  Last weekend one of them was in a new $35k boat.

Us oldies appreciate that we can sail competitively with a budget that is lower than a significant number of other boats.  I spent a massive $1500 on mine, mainly because I was getting back the Eastwind sail that I bought new a few years back.  Dave, and most others have RedHead sails of various vintages, but all radial cut, Darcy had a MidNorth radial.  My Eastwind is a cross cut sail but it still cracks like a rifle and is smooth as a baby's bum.

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The Budgewoi results show Jimbo on 96.5 — I thought they may have given you a 0.5 penalty because of your boat name “Daisy” !!

The updated 2017/2018 catamaran yardstick for a Maricat is 96 plus 1 for GPR boats.

Budgewoi were initially using the old 2016/2017 version.

Cat rigged results using the “incorrect” yardstick for James are:

1st.    David Younger       8 points

2nd    James                   11 points

3rd     Pointed                  11 points

4th     Darcy                     16 points

It would be interesting to see if the results would change if the correct yardsticks were used for all boats.


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Congratulations Jimbo .....

The corrected yardstick results show Jimbo 1st on a countback from Dave Younger with Pointed Reply 3rd and Darcy 4th

Without any yardsticks, just scratch results, Pointed Reply would be 1st with Jimbo 2nd and Dave 3rd and Darcy 4th.

PR and Darcy are foamies and Jimbo and Dave are GPR boats.

All four had pretty new sails and setups almost identical. The racing was tight with tactical decisions and luck of the wind shifts the difference. Skipper weight varied from 64kg to 94kg ...... average age .... ummmm 60 !!

Even the so called “new” foam boats are now getting on - ZAX is now over 12 years and and PR 10.

The 1 point YA yardstick allowance is now used in  Maricat state and national titles .. “to keep the GPR boats competitive” but in the end it comes down to boat and sail setup and most importantly .... the skill and (luck) of the skipper.

The battle will recommence at Queenslake in February for the national title ........

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