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Broken Rudder Lever Clips


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I'm guessing this is pretty common based on how old the 4.3's are now.

I've got a broken rudder lever clip and have seen a Maricat converted to have a rope/cleat arrangement. I kind of like the lever & clip approach so I've been mucking around with 3D printing replacement clips.

I've attached the CAD image of my 6th version, have had to design from scratch because I don't have a 3D scanner, this one's a mix of the 2 different clips I have on the boat (one is broken). I've put my 3rd version on the boat and will be testing them out in Eden in the week coming up to Aus Day, am having to experiment with how I print them. The 3rd version that I've installed had printed holes which didn't quite line up with the rivet holes on the rudder lever block on one side so when I riveted it on it pulled the clip and split it along one of the layers.

Testing in the garage it still works with only one rivet holding it on, but I'm now printing 2 pairs of the version 6 clips in different orientations to see which will provide the right mix of clipping strength and flexibility as well as a strong base for riveting to the lever block. I've also deleted the holes so they can be drilled to suit the existing holes (which are a little uneven). I've attached an image of the Print Layout as well, I'm printing in ABS because it's what I've got and what I'm becoming used to printing with, prints should be finished by around 9pm tonight.

maricat rudder clip v6.jpeg

Rudder Clip v6 Print Layout.jpeg

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I never had intact clips, but the levers secured themselves by going over-centre with a bit of stretch in the rope.

Until one of the levers broke.

I replaced it with a bit of ~12mm Al pipe which worked well until it bent.

Now I have a cleat on each tiller. Much simpler. Especially for my sailing on shallow lakes, I can cleat my rudders at half-mast position which gives me some steering as I approach the shore.

I have seen others suggesting a 2:1 pulley pull-down. I like this idea but haven't picked up any suitable pulleys yet.

I've also seen lots of people recommend a self-releasing cleat in case of hard impacts. Probably also a good idea but not in my immediate future plans.

Don't get too invested in the lever system. They don't last forever.

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