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Mast base casting (ball and cuff) for Hydra 16

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Converting it to a Maricat mast step, would probably not be a great idea. As the masts on a hydra are longer and a lot heavier. They are heavier not just because of the length but also because the section has 5 ribs in it. The mast would be rather horrific to try and lift vertically and place into the step. A friend of mine here in Tassie has just gone whole process of masts and steps for a Hydra, as he also has a Maricat. GOODLUCK.

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Cheers, Ive emailed the Brisbane Cat place twice with no response, i'll try calling in the morning, cheers for the help!


PS - I ended up rebuilding the mast cuff base by TIG welding the section back to the correct profile and machining down (Im a marine fabricator so it was done properly!)



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