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Seeking advice. 


Do they behave ok with 1 man? 

Rigging,  sea kindliness,  derigging. 

Ditto with Cobra.  Seen them advertised too. 

Seeking a quick easy launch sail boat.  Cats tick a lot of boxes. 

Most life expectancy is..  A quick launch cat single handed.  Local coast days.  Race and/or cruise.  Inexperienced crew if crewed probable. 

On it to have fun.  I like rough weather.  I haven't on her.  Will be a while before I learn catsize techniques,  etc. 

Currently I've seen a Cobra and a Stingray at around $1000. Happy to seaworthy a season and race the following year.  Major components important.  Car breaks down,  we walk.  Feast beasts swim with us out there. 

Preferred location;  windy and flat. 



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Anyone know where I may obtain a copy of Stingray class rules please?

He looks like a nice vessel..  Needs a tidy..99% sure I'll be allowed to garage the beast.

'You don't buy a boat,  you purchase the option to upkeep a vessel'..I read that from a cruiser and unlike a boat;  if a car breaks down you don't have to swim ashore. 

Do nationals attract much fleet?  I don't mind thinking I'll repair via 2 of 3 method..  Time,  quality,  cost.. Choosing time and quality.  Has minor issues.. Might as well hang off until certain of class rules.  Fix once,  fix properly. 


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Don't worry too much about class rules any repairs you make will be fine, the others sailing Stingrays will just be happy to have you out there. Those fibreglass hull, timber deck boats are pretty old and unless the foam inside has been replaced you will find the hulls push in fairly easily. They just had normal foam for bulkheads and it breaks down, if the hulls push in easily it is really slow and the first thing to fix. Check the beams, they are a big job to replace and a common error is for someone to bolt the traveller track on right through the beam this causes a weakness in the beam leading it to crack. If the beams have cracks of any sort it will be easier to get them welded by a professional than go through the very big job of replacing the beam but that's up to you. So really first step is check beams and if hulls are wobbly take decks off and replace bulkheads then new decks which is very easy to do. If you apply new decks a good coat of International Everdure on the side that will be inside prior to assembling will ensure long life and then on top once it's assembled. I've done Stingray decks before and it is relatively easy and satisfying if you have to do it. Good luck with your project and thanks for adding some life to the forum

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