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I bought 'FatBoySlim'


Pick up soon. 

I'll probably ballast to suit 1 up and seek allowance to race at Largs. I think they can a 16foot skiff,  Sharpies,  Fireballs.  Plus if day long enough can always camp and cruise.  Fairway beacon about 7 mile out,  long sand ledge north of that . That's an awesome spot. Usually a reach with a running swell. Bigger sharks from depth surf there.  Dolphins from shallows play too.  I like it.  Wouldn't want a bang stick due to a catsized cap there though.  About half depth of spar. 

Anyway..  Done my lies about catsized caps.. Found a vessel. 1/2 hour solo rig.  Good enough. 



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Thank mbc,  I read you owned a Stingray.  I've never righted a cat.  Only ever pushed self righting mono hulls. 

'FatBoySlim' won't see water until November, maybe October.  Small vandalism issues to seaworthy. 

Tilt, turn, thrust;  torques sail craft. I'll learn the Stingray later but know I'll go swimming. I am looking at training wheels such as foam or ping pong ball captivity in spar plus a couple of 2 litre empty milk bottles in lue of a cock on the tip.  I'd have thought that a stand on leeward board into a hang from windward stay would weight the windward hull and sail the trampoline to lift the weak purchase of the leeward hull fulcrum. Very interested in easy ways too bro. 

What shaft length righting pole would you recommend with a Stingray please? 

Ideas entertaining me at moment include fabrication of spare centre boards with +20 or +30 kg low line and/or brace traps to lead weight aft keel of hull.  By next year I will have sailed and felt my opinion of the cats preferred pitch ballast placement. I'm pretty ignorant of catamarans at the moment yet every boat is different yet same.  

I'd love a Tornado,  I've only seen videos but they're displacing at beyond displacement speeds easily rather than planing (edit: that's written incorrectly.. They're maintaining above displacement speeds when parting through lumps rather than suffering from bow bury).  Too my eyes;  that is a stable missile rather than a hot rocket. Might take a couple of years to modify this house to shelter such (without the damage risk of reversing through a 5metre gap of 10.5 feet and not much height). 

Having a few months to research,  definitely interested in any ways to improve my safety. I'll probably be reefing main too.. Nice and easy with batterns.  Not a racing lost.. I don't plan too win;  just survive.  

I love boats too.  

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Self righting monos is a bit misleading.  The Dragon will sink if capsized;  open cockpit,  high wall rim seat.  Only came close once.  Race became gale.  My forehand was 6'9 yet really agile a moment. At bottom can,  the chute door was opened,  the spinnaker retrieved into hull,  coming around into beat we watched him race forward,  seal hatch and hug mast as bow buried and deck flood covered his legs and some torso. She'd handle full sail in light gale hence gonna wale submersion never really bothered us much.  She'd take a foot under and too long to story. 


I want a crew soon.  Can't miss the boat,  bright as.  Basic.. Just white sails.  Racing to learn habits.  Experience not necessary.  Half hour rigging*2 . I have sail wash down posts at home.  Just basic rock up and ride suits me too. 

I've only crewed on steerage.  Air at leading edge via a guy pole and helm on tiller.  I love learning too and that is practice. I'm just typing because I haven't a crew. (I doubt we'll win,  just plane fun) 

I'm 45, I'm unsure of trap but believe I'll love it,  I've had arthritis 38 years hence nervous rhythms I enjoy.  Body ok but hidden is 2 ankle breaks,  2 leg breaks,  probable back break healed with ancient due to modern mistrust of medical habits,  a broken hand, a broken wrist,  a broken shoulder,  a broken collarbone and many breaks of facial bones. I wouldn't be interested in a single race crew yet more so with 1 season.  Not that great a sailor,  just interested in speed and continuous motion underway. 

I write way too much.. Ready to learn by self or with someone that wants a season. 

I @96kg in case you want to do the physics. 

Thanx guys regarding sites advice etc. 



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Wow you sure know how to fire some questions, the easiest way to work out the length you need on a righting pole is to put virtually a full length windsurfer mast on it  and then work out how far out you need to go out on the pole to right it, there is ne easy equation. I found the short rig Stingray harder to right than the big rig so I would suggest to keep the pole long. I made a righting pole on my Stingray when I sailed with my kids, don't under estimate the amount of load the end of the mast that connects with the main beam is under, it took a bit of trial and error for me to get it right and that was about 3ft hanging behind the rear beam on a big rig. Make sure you have a good main sheet system, most of my early capsizes were due to not being able to release the main sheet in time, in fact I would suggest you set the cleat so you can't cleat it while your learning and save yourself some swimming. I would also suggest if your on Facebook to join the South Australian beach cat sailors site as a lot of those people have raced Stingray's and have a genuine affection for them, you actually have a good handicap with that boat so will enjoy racing it as we will enjoy helping you along. If you can get the boat going by Easter bring it along to Milang and we can have a look over it for you and the lakes are the best place for those boats as they are at their best when it's fast and flat as the beams are quite low to the water so really notice ocean swell. Good luck with the boat they are a great boat and I look forward to meeting you

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I like water too.  A uniform mass. Water is like air with uniformity;  easy paths. 

If I can find a ball to fit to mast tip,  that'll better airflow. Better yet worse.  Or better to my use would be two buoyancy bouys with a wind vane on top. True or apparent? 


Anyway,  thanx mbc,  I'm out,  it was my catsized cap moment.  I lied. Went to pick up,  issues with trailer rego,  I'll find another boat.  Simply couldn't get a permit at 0700 on a Sunday while there in Melbourne. 

I love how in front of the sails leading edge flows a channel with more energy than the sails catch. When leeward,  although almost shadowed by windward boat yet only a bow portion in front.  A stronger higher point becomes available.. I here someone calling, "Up windward boat, up, "

I need heave,  thank heaps,  chao 


Edit: I figure heaps in same boat as me.  Just planning to learn helm.  That needs minor work.. Major upgrade is there;  swinging centre boards.  Solid boat.  Minor details. Mast foot bracket,  bung plug,  keel strips  and tiller arm. 

He'd be solid speeding shallows such as Port Phillips bay,  Semaphore , North Arm,  Port Vincent ,etc without worry of damage. 

I'll see you out there someday soon.  Most probably in something like the modified Stingray,  a Cobra,  a Hobie,  a Mosquito... Or whatever I do get. 

I think I'm old..  Ouch. 

Just a last edit because I think it's funny although my loss.  Last time I mistimed a major mistake was a tack.  The sheets weren't held to force tack and we bobbed,  luffed.  Main sheet and I saw it coming and covered in bildge but foresheet copped it in his arm;  bow of greater than 2 tonne.  Paralyzed his arm.  A dead arm of approximately 2 days. Due to work commitments I can't luff in Melbourne 2 days. Even trailer fantastic,  hull suspend type,  easy maintenance if ever needed on hulls. 

Nearly had me a race boat.  Heaving.. 

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I've noticed some use traditional screw method to trace a triple block pair into a 6:1 advantage.  

We pull at 90degrees as shown. Eliminates system torque and keeps system tidy.  Same advantage without the twisting motion. 

If home time includes using the blocks to hoist,  will hoist straight up rather than turn. Easy to trace and set up and without torque during use it is very reliable at close haul and line length. 


Getting a boat soon,  so frighteningly happy,  you're welcome,  will work on the river race next year. 


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Good luck with Goolwa to Meningie race madboutcats.  I like your video.  Nice 2.

99% sure my plan follows yet if 1% out.. Something similar. 

Internet like sailing anyway.. HTTP heel turn thrust pitch.  Zero 3 and use the rest..  I like how you guys heel the seas. 

Trailer issues doesn't seem to be such.  Looking at piggybacking an A class smiley traveler eight one advantage lightweight with above Stingray below. Once home,  Stingray gets ceiling and a year to mildly modify.. Maybe +1 crew and next years Goolwa-Meningie.  Maybe family /friends like 5 minute lift out way and lower Stingray to enjoy a day with me. Trailer suits both. 

I'll get speed wobbles a while and I'm a bit deaf but I'm looking forward to dancing near you guys.  PST.. Might be better to give me next to the gunboat so that I can hear the start bang.. Lol. 

Shaking the hustling aft. 

Faking the gusting blast. 

Raking the lead edge to go fast. 

Looking forward to a foiled clear clean lead edge on main.  Surely that'll point like a kitten.. 

Hoping body young enough to cope with mind.. Just happy to race again (25 years) 

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I meant Milang..  Best of luck. I don't know the race.  Reads like fun. 

Races there continent side of the dunes read like fun.  I don't know the waters.  The Stingray has swing boards.  The A class is dagger but no need of crew. 

Realm is helm,  let the wind overwealm.  Looks like lovely shallow protected waters,  I've seen daggers smashed due to high bed slaughters.  I'd be happy soon learning that place to giddy up a good pace. 

You beauty..  Finally an affordable cat pair,  ashore too long.  Thanx catsailors,  if I hadn't read into it I'd probably have kept going at a larger keelboat.  Looking forward to overpowered cats.  You beauty. 

Thank.. Godspeed 

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