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Advice on Windrush 14 purchase


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Hoping to tap into the expertise on this forum. Im looking at a Windrush 14 that needs some repairs and I just wanted to get some feedback on whether there is anything I need to know. Two main things I’m looking at.

1) The saddle for the front forestay is broken. Apparently the boat blew over while rigged on land. The owner has the saddle. Is it simply a matter of pop riveting the new saddle in place?

2) The trampoline appears to be in good condition, but the owner said some kids jumped on it and the pop rivets have broken  He’s said I should just be able to replace the pop rivets. Is this a straightforward repair?

Thanks in advance for your help. Photos attached  




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Those front forestay saddles can be fitted stainless screws and nuts, with a shaped washer under the nut to prevent them pulling through. Ive seen the actual saddle itself break before.

Re tramp rails: its common for those Aluminium rivets to corrode and fail, they go all the way through, so gently drill them out trying not to hammer and punch them too aggressively (it will break the hole and structure around the hole). If the holes are OK, go with a Aluminium rivet that will grip at least 10mm and as larger diameter you can, that  the head will fit down through the slot in the rail. (from memory 4mm). Put the rivets in wet with a 5minute type epoxy.

you'll notice a standard rivet puller won't reach down into the slot far enough to form the rivet, I've used a 6mm Ronstan (or similar) pin with a hole in it to sit over the rivet stem before. 

If the holes are poor condition you'll likely not get rivets to grip properly. Couple of choices are, epoxy the hole and start again, or drill a new set of holes spaced away from the old ones.

Make sure the rails and structure are clean and flat, any rise will allow the rail to rock which, in turn, set up another failure.

Good luck, don't hit the hammer too hard.


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Hi Rotech, thanks for the advice. I couldn’t remember if the forestay saddles we’re screwed in or pop riveteted but it does look like screws in the photo. I appreciate the advice on the tramp repair, good to know the actual rivet type - that may have been my next question. I will post progress on this thread.

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Trampoline rail repaired and finally got some time to have a practice run of rigging the cat. All worked well and all the parts seem to be there. Didn’t set up the jib but all seems intact. All sails feel crisp and in good condition. Looking forward to getting it out on the water when restrictions are lifted. 


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