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caper 14 bolt rope on tramp pulling thru

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Ok, I have been working thru the issues on this boat- fitted a mast step and base, mast cap, put new 5mm cord on the tramp, made it nice and tight.(got some bits of Luke and Russell-nice blokes)

Still in the backyard, start raising the mast,  standing on the tramp the bolt rope pulls thru the ally extruded transom, I am a 105kg :)

Is this fatigue in the alloy transom? or is it over its designed load capability?

Whats the most durable solution to the problem?

Safe sailing,



bolt rope pulled thru.jpg

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Hi all, 

We've got a similar problem that presented itself whilst we were out on the water! 

The bolt rope is pulling out of the bow and stern aluminium track. This wouldn't be so much of an issue except that the perpendicular edge and bolt rope is run through its own track that does not have widened allowances to slip the bolt rope out and those tracks (the ones that the jib cars run on) are pop riveted into place. (see photos). 

Not sure exactly how they managed to get the tramp pieces in there in the first place but but without a "widened" part in the tracks that run front to back and short of drilling the pop rivets out I'm at a loss as to how to get the bolt rope back into the the tracks.....

Any and all suggestions are welcome!


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I did exactly this. I also had to cut the foot strap seatbelt material to get enough stretch in the tramp to maneuver the boltrope into the groove. I sewed in a new patch to re-join it. Another job off the list!

@Green machine That casting (?) under the mast foot looks different to mine. I've only got a small white plastic and aluminium socket. Yours looks more like a hobie, with that extra pin to make raising the mast easier? Was that an aftermarket thing?

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