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Lacepede Bay 2010 Lobster Regatta distance race


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G'day here’s some info on the Lobster Regatta to be held in Kingston SE by the Lacepede Bay Sailing Club January 9th and 10th 2010. This race is open to catamarans, mono hulls, kite surfers and windsurfers. The 2009 race was competed by F18 Infusion, Nacra 5.8’s, A Classes, 5.7 Taipans, 4.9 Taipan, Stingray's big and little rigs, Mozzie, Cobra's with spinnakers, Foiling Moth, Arrow's, Arafura Cadet's, Windsurfer's, 14ft Sundance and 420's. Cost for the regatta is $50 a senior boat or $25 for just the Sunday race, junior entry fee is $15 a boat for the regatta. We will provide a great inexpensive tea with generous serves at the club on Saturday night, the canteen will be open for lunches and snacks. The bar will be open with good prices $3.00 for light, $3.50 for heavy beer and there is no BYO alcohol. Sailing will start for junior races at 10.30am Saturday 9th the idea being they pack up around 12.00pm unless they are competent enough to sail the afternoon sea breeze. Seniors will sail one race at 10.30am then come in for lunch and complete two back to back races from 1pm, this is a change from previous years but will ensure we complete all the races. The three races on Saturday are used to work out handicaps for the 20km run heading north from Cape Jaffa on Sunday morning. This is sailed around 9-10 am to avoid a big sea breeze and the start will be delayed if the wind is not good enough. Subject to weather the juniors and inexperienced set out about half an hour before the seniors in a group and sail together with a dedicated rescue boat, where they compete for their race in front of the club. If the weather is too strong juniors will not be able to compete but will be supervised at the club by non sailing adults. There is only one sandy reef on the course near the beach, it will be marked with a buoy, competitors can travel down next to the beach or choose to go out to sea to cut across the bay. Anybody having gear failure can pull up on the beach anywhere and await pickup, normally there is no surf, big waves or rocks as the course is protected by the Margaret Brock Reef about 10km out. There is bacon and egg sandwiches available at the start on Sunday morning, you can choose to leave your car at Cape Jaffa and get run back after the race or set up really early, run your car back to Kingston and get a lift back to the start with someone else going to the start. Competitors are welcome to camp next to our club rooms for the night at no cost and use the club showers, toilets etc. This is not a proper camping ground so we can’t make too much noise late at night. We have our fully accredited learn to sail sailing lessons in the week before and after the regatta so competitors are welcome to come early or stay after the regatta if they want their children to do sailing lessons. There is a great caravan park and motels etc for those that want more of the comforts of home, so drink is cheap the food is inexpensive but good and we look forward to having a great time with you. Non sailing families will be easy to keep entertained; the kids can play at the club or the beach which is very safe, no rips or surf waves. Or the non sailing adults can go to the Cape Jaffa food and wine festival. There are big tractor tubes; cricket sets etc to keep the kids happy.

More information on facilities

If you’re coming and want motel accommodation you should book early as there is a big Food fest at Cape Jaffa on the 10th which fills most of the rooms.

Competitors are welcome to sleep in our clubrooms on the floor on Saturday night if you don’t want to pitch a tent at the clubhouse. Don't plan on getting to sleep early though.

We will mow a section of grass just south of the clubhouse suitable to pitch a tent on, in amongst some bushes that's far enough from the club to get some sleep.

Kingston Caravan Park 87672050 is very neat and has some en-suite cabins

Lacepede Bay Motel 87672444 is on the foreshore near the jetty and is highly recommended.

Lobster Motor Inn 87672322 is near the Big Lobster on the highway and is well maintained.

Crown Inn Hotel 87672005

Royal Mail Hotel 87672002

Mobil 190 roadhouse 87672419 has cheap rooms on the highway (bit rundown)

Ray White Real Estate 87672200 manage bookings for beach house rentals and are easy to deal with.

Our clubhouse is 285km from the tollgate on Glen Osmond Rd it will take about 3 hours drive, straight down the freeway, turn right after Tailem Bend, and straight down to Kingston SE via the Coorong. Once in the town take a photo of the Big Lobster then turn right just after you cross the bridge and you will be in the main street, go to the roundabout turn right, go to the end of the road your now on the foreshore next to the Lacepede Bay Motor Inn. Turn left about 4km down you'll find the clubhouse, the only building on the foreshore. Were 5 1/2 hours drive from Melbourne and you can take a photo of the Big Koala on the way.

I will post updates with our expected weather closer to the sailing date, the 2009 race was a spinnaker run the whole way with some two on the wire moments and some quiet moments but still great fun. The 2008 race down from Cape Jaffa was about 22kt plus gusts dead downwind in about 4ft waves which was unbelievable fun. 2006 was about 15kt upwind. Fastest boat to complete it so far was a 4.9 husband and wife team in about 45 mins though a windsurfer once did it before anyone could get back to man the finish line.

This race has been going for many many years and this is the third year we've publicized it, were a small club but we'll go out of our way to make you welcome.

For more details or to enter you can post a message here or contact Jeff Southall on 0427 660106 or send a message to jeffsouthall@yahoo.com.au

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Thanks for your input frustrated of Wyee, we club members get just as frustrated as you with our club name. When our club was founded 50 years or so ago everyone knew how to find Lacepede Bay so they called it that, the racing is across the Southern end of Lacepede Bay by the Lacepede Bay Sailing Club so I thought I listed it correctly, no one knows where Lacepede Bay is so I need to explain Kingston SE lies on the shore of this bay and I should have added that it’s in South Australia. Hope all that sounds reasonable, I’m certainly no author and would love for someone else to write the info, I'll do a better job with my other posts.


Jeff Southall

Current owner of

1 X Taipan 5.7

2 x Arrows

2 x Arafura Cadets

1 x 13ft Windrush Surfcat

1 x F12 Under construction

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Where the @#$%%^& is Kingston ???? LOL

I'll be there mate, and I'll be playing the pied piper and bring as many of my fellow sailors along from Rivoli Bay. Count my 4.9 Taipan in and most likely a couple of Cobra's. Hopefully it should be 2 Taipan's.

Your information supplied is HUGE, it has set a high standard to match. Well done.



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Well, thanks for providing that important extra piece of information. You post, while being extremely informative just seemed to lack that vital piece and of course I could probably have found out from Google maps.

Your post was simply the straw etc . . . most of the posts here don't actually mention the location, assuming that any reader will be fully aware of the location of their own club. Since the WWW is a global affair this can sometimes cause some confusion.

Thanks for the elucidation, sadly I won't be able to attend but I'm sure you'll have a great time.


Elucidated of Wyee

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No worries knobblyoldjimbo, maybe you can come another year and I'll get so much booze into you that you won't know where your club is either.

This year we're planning on trophy's for each lap Evan, bigger buoys and a rescue boat to try and sit at the buoys so we've learnt alot. It's about time you posted your regatta we've got that planned as a club visit and I look forward to rattling around your beautiful bay again.

regards Jeff

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The "One and all" will be passing by here on its way back from Singapore so its just a matter of how their timing goes. The current plan is for her to race with us with paying passengers who either get off at Kingston SE or go back on her to the Cape Jaffa festival. My thoughts are to give her a 30 minute head start then use her as a mark that must be rounded from the seaward side which entertains her passengers and adds more fun for us. I'd also like to see the passengers given a blast on the cats to promote catamarans straight after the race like Steve Kroon did on the F18 for Brad. As for you sailing mine pick a club day and we'll swap boats, just need to work out your place or mine

regards Jeff

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Weather report for the weekend is looking good

according to BOM

Saturday : Wind: SE/NE 8/13 knots, becoming S/SE 8/13 knots during the morning, then increasing to S/SE 15/20 knots after midday.

Sunday : Wind: SE/NE 5/15 knots

We've had flat water all week and this weather report means it'll be flat for the regatta no swell probably a 2ft chop at most.

Baz I've taken the Weta out 5 days now in our learn to sail program, probably sailed it for 15 hours. In about 8kt, had to work hard to get some fun and wasn't that impressed. Took two disabled people out for a sail and they loved it. One had never sailed before and took the tiller after 10 minutes. You can do a 360 turn staying on the wrong side without tipping with the genoa up in 12 kt. I took it out in 15-18kt on my own and enjoyed it for what it is, I got the ama and more than half the tramp under water with the nose starting to dig in and it still pushed along fine but you need all 3 sails up and to be solo to get it going. It's perfect for disabled sailing, would be great for a nervy newby family boat or somewhere really windy. The boat is well made but the block set up is fiddly little blocks, the downhaul requires 2 hands, the gennaker and jib halyard cant be tightened on the water when the gennaker comes a bit loose even under load it wont unfurl the gennaker. The tramp has stupid blocks to tighten it. If you want one get it with no blocks on it and put on cat type fittings like swivelling camcleats for the downhaul andd halyards not 505 dinghy stuff.

regards Jeff

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