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Splitting the hull and deck apart is a major job, it means sanding the inside with 24grt disc's and giving it a lest repairs to the flanges to rejoin back together- or a proper make over means giving it a layer of fabric whetted out with epoxy, which sets it up for patches/repairs on the outside and re-gel coating. Could change colour to something more sexy.....

Spar sections are expensive, rigging is expensive, fibreglass/gelcoat equipment is expensive- lets say you will spend $2k to do a reasonable job reusing most of it.

But you got to be a nutter for projects and have good skills with tools. You couldn't imagine how much itchy dust will come off it- you need a good sized yard and neighbors that are sh!t scared of you.... 😝

Knowing how to spray gelcoat is a dark art, that most keep hush hush; especially the tools that make it easier.


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