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Windrush 14 - Sails , cleats and Springs

The Pirate

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Hi all,


First time posting long time stalker. I have had a windrush 14 for a while now (17 years)  and just shredded the jib which might be 30 years old. I have a very specific colour scheme (black and white)  , so I think I need to find a sail maker in Sydney , any suggestions ?

Is Dacron the way to go these days for a jib ?  I have a furler but is self tacking the an option ?

I checked windrush and it seems to be down or gone at the moment ? any clues as to what is happening there ?


I need a recommendation for a some cleats for the jib as my are long over due, what does one fancy at whitworths these days  ? C type or T type ?

Also one of my tiller springs is rusted through,  Any one  know I a good place to get replacements ?


thanks In Advance. 


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I replaced the cleats. took a while to drill out the old ones.

I managed to replace one of the broken springs in the tiller. it was really hard to get the tiller joint through the hook end of the spring but I got there with a bit of bending. I can't believe how much tension is on them at all times. I was only able to put in a half bolt through the tiller tube into the tiller joint, I think its because there is too much pressure bending the the bolt hole in the tiller joint. its seems to be hold fine. and I put a bolt through the lower tiller , not sure if its going through the stretch spring but everything seemed to work well  afterwards. never want to do that again.

New Jib arrived and looks awesome, still umming and ahhing on getting the main sail to match.


Can't wait to take it out. 

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