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Koonawarra Bay 14ft Catamaran Regatta


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G'day all,

Please be advised that the 17th Annual Koonawarra Bay 14ft Catamaran Regatta will be held on the 13th & 14th February 2010 at Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club, Lake Illawarra, just south of Wollongong, NSW.

More details to follow later.


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC

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Just a reminder that this regatta is coming up soon. A flyer for the event will be posted on the Koonawarra Bay SC website tonight at www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au

We really hope all 14ft cat sailors can come along. Anyone with any questions about the event can post them here or contact me on the number listed on the flyer.


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC

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Koonawarra Sailing Club 14’ Cat Regatta

Race Report by Tony Hastings

The 14 foot cat regatta attracted about 15 boats, despite the scheduled rain and light winds.

After a delayed start, the first leg of Race 1 involved drifting south, trying to find a path through wind shifts, holes and other boats. As the day progressed, the wind increased and swung east, but remained very light.

On Sunday, Valentine’s Day, rain was scheduled to increase but the love and romance of sailing kept the faithful on the water. After lunch it there were just 7 left, including 5 Paper Tigers who were battling out the last race of their Traveller Series.

Winner by line honours and yardstick was Chris Zahra, sailing a cat-rigged Maricat. He was typically seen leading the fleet, sheeted in hard to flatten the sail while laying on one elbow on the windward foredeck.

“I like light weather; the tactical side of it”, Chris said. He explained his winning tactics were “mainly looking at the wind on the water, covering other boats, and playing the shifts as they came. It’s a bit of a gamble; when you tack on a shift sometimes they come back, sometimes they don’t.” He added his approach was “just being really smooth”.

From a sailing family, Chris’s Dad is a local legend; Tony Zahra, who sailed on Saturday with daughter Amie. Chris began sailing at 8 years old. “As soon as we could swim, Dad let us start sailing,” Chris explained.

Chris, Don eager the Club President, and all the sailors unanimously thanked the kitchen staff, guys who gave up sailing to staff the rescue boats, and Dave Stumbles the race coordinator.

Top 10 Results: (place, skipper, boat type, name, race 1,2,3,4: pts)

1/ Chris Zahra Maricat CR “Jack Daniels”, 1,1,1,1: 3

2/ Wayne Eager Paper Tiger “Second Wind”, 2,4,2,4: 8

3/ Ian Marcovich Paper Tiger “Mojo”, 6,3,3,2: 8

4/ Tony Hastings Paper Tiger “Tigerdelic”, 4,5,4,3: 11

5/ Steve Halliday Paper Tiger “Dipsi Danis”, 5,7,7,DNC: 19

6/ Warren Pfeffer Windrush SS “Hot Pepper”, 8,6,6,DNC: 20

7/ Tony Zahra Maricat S “White Wave”, 3,2, DNC: 21

8/ Ralph Skea Paper Tiger “Solitaire”, 9,8,8,5: 21

9/ Bruce Proctor Paper Tiger “Bean”, 7,10,9,6: 22

10/Steve McClure Paper Tiger “Jordy”, 10,11,10,7:27

11/Tony Sanderson Windrush SS "Groove Thing", 11,9,DNC,DNC: 36

12/Amanda Stern Windrush S "Rush" DNC,DNC,5,DNC: 37

13/Stuart Henn Windrush SS "Kermit the Cat" 12,12,DNC,DNC: 40

=14/David Zahra Maricat S "Blue Monkey" DNF,DNC,DNC,DNC: 48

=14/Paul Blanch Paper Tiger "Johnson's Aeroplane" DNF,DNC,DNC,DNC: 48

EDIT:boat type corrected, full results added

*CR=cat rigged, S=sloop, SS=super sloop

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Thanks for the report, Tony.

Yes Michael, you and Amanda were 7th across the line and 5th on corrected time.

Congratulations to Chris Zahra on an excellent performance. Well done.

Thanks to all those who attended, especially those who travelled significant distances. The weather was unkind, with loads of rain and little wind. Given the conditions, 15 boats wasn't too bad.



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