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Resurgence in Hobie 14 nuimbers


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Sunstate Hobie put up a pic and story on Facebook of a new Hobie 14 going to a keen Gold Coast owner.. When asked they said they've sold nine new H14s in the past year.. So there is some interest in the class and if those numbers continue you would expect there may be a return to good numbers in club cat fleets. How many new Maricats and Windrush were bought in recent years? 



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That's good to hear... the Hobie 14 is still a fast / slick design - albeit not as nice as a Windy or Mari to sail... and definitely less forgiving for the average sailor.
IMHO, the reason for the poor sales of Windrush 14 is that Windrush Yachts is focused heavily on the F18 - and sees the W14 as a distraction... and frankly the page that describes the W14 is old and unexciting... a real shame for a fantastic design / cool cat that still holds up against the newer designs..

For a better representation - look at my page - and if u wanna get the boat above the car and off the street - check out the Lift King 9XL 4-Post Car Hoist on the same site. The 9XL has the new box section 'Posi-Lock' Posts and 'Wrap-Around' Crossbars / freestanding & easily portable / LIFETIME Structural Warranty with 2.537m 'drive-through' width for the raised item. For the item/car left on the ground there's about 10cm more available. We also do a Boat, Trailer and Caravan Parker that's even wider with 2 wider track settings:-




Yes, blatant self-promotion - no apologies... but I want cat sailors to be aware of this excellent storage solution...

Maricat? They wanna sell a Nacra 430 - not a Maricat 4.3...




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