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Batemans Bay Anzac Regatta

Pointed Reply

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Looking forward to the Batemans Bay Anzac Regatta!

Last 2 years have been great; wild weather, huge ocean swells, 90+ boats, multiple courses & finish lines, chaos!

Hoping for a few Paper Tigers this year; myself, local Paul, Jay from Canberra, maybe Bill from Wagga, Koonawarra guys? Next year it'll officially be part of our State Pointscore (travellers trophy).

We rig up on the beach at Batehaven; where there is access to unload the trailer. Top accommodation are beachfront cabins at Clyde View Holiday Park, so you can have the boat parked in front of you.

Cheaper (where Dad & I will be) at Big4 Batemans Bay Beach Resort.

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well here is whats doing on sat hope every one is eating up big might be like last year and sunday there is going to be more. this is from BOM

Saturday: Wind: West to northwesterly 10 to 15 knots increasing to 10 to 20 knots during the afternoon then increasing to up to 25 knots during the evening.

seabreeze is showing up to 30 by the late afternoon

bring it on i say

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The fleet of cats was split into 4 divisions: F18s, Hobie16s, Division 6 (other cats yardstick 84). We all started together, but Division 7 did one less lap.

The weather reports were very wrong; Saturday’s 15knots increasing to 25 was in fact a pleasant 10 knots, dropping out completely, then coming back in to about 5 knots. Sundays rain and 30knots was actually a beautiful sunny day with 5 – 10knots.

The wind was very gusty and shifty. Ocean swells rolled in from the east, allowing some upwind surfing, while chop & boat wash made it a bumpy ride in any direction.

The huge fleet made it difficult to get a start in clean air, and the start of Race 2 first saw a 10 boat pile up at the boat end. After a general recall there was a massive wind shift, requiring a tack onto Port for most boats to get across the line. Unfortunately this lead to a smash, with a Taipan sunk and crew injured.

In Div 7 it was a battle of the classes, with Nacra 14 square (yardstick 84.5), Hobie Turbo (88.5), Windrush Sloop (91), Paper Tiger (91.5), Maricat 4.3 Sloop (92), Windrush cat (92?) and Hobie Wave (94.5?).

Congratulations to Rod & Zac on their new Maricat “Pointed Reply”, taking 2 line honours wins and 3 yardstick wins to claim the prize. I kept a borrowed Paper Tiger close enough to the front to take 2nd, while Dad (Richard Hastings) took two line honours wins on His Nacra to finish 3rd. Well done to the guys on the Hobie Wave who completed all races, while others read the forecast and chickened out.


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