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Once in a lifetime desert Regatta


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5 - 9 July 2010

Our Tenth Birthday Regatta

Lake Killamperpunna, Cooper Creek, from the 5 - 9th July 2010

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Regatta FAQ

>Will the Birdsville track be cut by the Cooper at the time of the Regatta?


>Will we be able to get to the camp ground from the north (Birdsville)?

Yes, as the ferry will be operating but it may involve a delay as it can only take two cars at a time.

>Is it too early to know if there will be anyone staying at camp on the 2nd to the 4th

In theory the camping area will be off a private station track with no public access. As we will have a bit of equipment on site prior to that weekend we will look for a volunteer to mind it or if the number of attendees permits a bigger kitty then we will pay for minders.

>And how long will you need volunteers to set up camp ?

I would suppose that the week days before should be sufficient intensifying towards the Friday. Of course if a volunteer could only make it for one day later in the week it would be good. I would think a bit of "preparation" would involve sailing. The workload is proportional to the number of volunteers we have but it should not involve heavy work. The main task is to lay out a camp in a managable way which will involve discussion, rough measuring and supervision. Erecting a tent or building a star stake & bunting temporary fence would be about the most physical jobs.

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The Mozzy will be perfect, the water where it's sailed will be about 2-3m deep if you go to the Lake Eyre YC web page it gives alot of info. Theres going to be portable toilets, fire wood and a max of 100 boats. You'll spot us on the highway just look for the two Arrows and two Arafura Cadets stacked on a trailer.

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