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Maricat 4.3


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i run a single wire for a front stay and have it fairly tight as i am able to lash it down to the front bib. there is a guy up here who has won a few national titles in them and he has his rig not very tight at all (jim nuttly). his boat has the new sail shape (cut to get heaps of mast rake) and mine is the old shape. i have never raced him on my mari as i only see him at regattas and i always sail my 5.8 at the regattas. if i was to race him on my mari i think that the only time i would be with him would be in the 1st 20 seconds, then you wouldn't see him again. he runs the 4 stays and sails cat rig. try both and see how you go against a boat that you know is fairly consitant.

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I run mine firm, I use to run super tight but ended up with a pressure crease on the under neath side due to I guess the sudden loading and unloading of stress while sailing my heavy weight in the Botany Bay chop/swell. I replaced the main beam for safety and peace of mine.

I sail cat rigged and the previous owner was a light weight using trapeze and sloop.

so be warned not to tight.

cheers dave

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