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W14 questions


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Ahoy there sailors, I've just bought an old Windrush 14 (sail 2808) and have a few questions.

There was no outhaul. Does anyone have an image of a rigged W14 outhaul I could duplicate. In the mean time I've added a couple of pulleys and the redundant vang as an outhaul. Also the main is slotted into the boom? Is this recommended? Or is loose footed better? 

The mast top is missing a cleat for the halyard. The halyard has ferrule that I assume gets cleated on the front of the mast near the top.

Is there a different mast used for super sloop or is the old standard one ok to trap with?

Also, the jib looks quite small although it matches the main colours. I'm tempt d to add a newer battened jib. Does anyone have one for sale?

Located Northern NSW







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We have one proper outhaul and one that is just tied on to the casting - the latter actually being a tack casting that has been put on the clew end of the boom! I can take some photos in the next week or two if you like.

All the W14 masts I have seen definitely have a jam cleat near the top, has it broken off?

Getting a second-hand new style jib will probably be a challenge, we certainly haven't been able to buy second-hand for love or money. Be aware that the newer jibs are designed for a mast that is raked further back, we have converted one of our Mark Is to Mark II-style rigging and are in the process of doing it for our second.

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Photos of your outhaul when you have a chance would be great thanks. It does have a couple of holes where I assume the halyard cleat was, I've ordered another one. Regarding bigger Jib/mast rake, more speed/power is always great but I have an A class for that & the windy is to get my mate into sailing on a budget and to take places and conditions unsuitable for the delicate A. Probably not worth nthe expense for a new jib. I had a maricat with modern mast rake & original sails. Wild on a reach in a strong breeze but not much upwind pointing ability. I've re-swaged the sidestays on the windy shorter & added chainplate adjusters to allow more rake & planing to see how the leeward hull goes dowwind vs pointing ability. The windy has jib sheeting further inboard so I'm hoping that will help upwind. Could you tell me what mast rake you run please? I've seen mention of halyard length at bow fitting being 250mm shorted than rudder pintle but that would be with modern sails.

Fair winds

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Two styles of outhaul casting, the first adjustable (red line) in the first two photo and bound up for ease of sailing in the third.

The second casting does not have the pulleys so we just keep it bound up permanently (white/black line).





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Mast rake, I took some pictures which I thought would be helpful but they aren't. Looks like about 5 degrees from vertical using the picture I took and adjusted for deck squareness. Stay attachment on the mast is just forward of the point where they attach to the deck.

ginifab.com protractor 20220120124311.jpg

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