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Why do hobie sailors not use this bulletin board more.

It seems other classes have latch on but the Hobie (probably with more boats than any other class in Australia) has not.

It would be great information to send out with every new boat sold and also a reminder on their association pages as well as the home page for Hobie.

Nacra should put it on their home page too, but I do not think that the web site is maintained much.

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I remember a recent posting regarding the character of Hobie sailors, that little fishing trip brought out quite a few of the Hobie 'lookers', to have their say. So don't worry their out there just not actively posting.

I'll often post hobie related stuff on the Hobie site and general stuff here. There's quite a few ossies using the catsailor.com board as well as it has heaps of traffic and generally good feedback on questions or ideas.


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