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Hobie, Mari or Windrush?


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Hi, sorry to bug you guys but I haven't sailed a cat (Maricat) since I was a kid with my old man (probably 20 years ago) and was looking at buying my own. I'm looking for a 14ft (maybe 16ft) with a jib or thereabouts. I just have a couple questions:

- Which is considered the faster cat?

- Which would be easier to rig?

- Which would be the strongest? (hulls, rigging etc)

- Which would be easiest to maintain?

- Are replacement parts easy to get for all of them?

Any help would be appreciated. I'm also in Melbourne if you know anyone with a good boat for sale. Looking to spend around 2000 to maybe 3000.



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The 3 you mention all have very similar Y/sticks s/sloop, or cat rigged (little difference in speed), Hobie 14 no longer built in Aus, no state or national racing, Mari 14 bigest state and national fleets,plenty of second hand parts, Windy, tougher boat, cheaper and easier to get new parts, best weight carrying. I sail and enjoy a Mari 4.3 cat rigged, at 97 kg I am at a distinct disadvantage against lightweight skippers.

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Thanks Tornado, I guessed that was the Mike you were talking about. Thanks for your help and everyone else. I have e-mailed Mike to see when people get together at Chelsea yc. This is only 10 minutes from home so should work out well.

I'm looking at a couple windys and hopefully will decide on one soon.

Thanks again,


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