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NACRA 18 m2

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Can someone give me an idea of what I would expect to pay for one of these beasts in good condition. A ball park figure is fine. Have found one but not sure what it is worth. It is on a good trailer with rollers, sailbox and some 'extras'. The boat has been left in the weather and the glass (gelcoat) is a bit chalky. Tramp is also good. Otherwise everything else is in good nick. Also....what is the performance of an 18 like. I currently have a 5.0. Would it scare the living c....out of me or ......

Thanks !!

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The nacra 18sq used to be a head to head boat with an A-class, but no longer. VYC rates them at 73.5 as aposed to a A-class at 71.5.

with its 10 foot beam, cloud of sail, and large hulls, the 18sq is a lot of boat for one person.

value is a hard thing, I would be looking around 2500-3500 mark. im not sure when the last one was produced, but they would have to be old boats now.

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The Nacra 18m2 was very popular back in the 80's and early 90's.

I think it was the second Nacra to come out of the factory, with the Nacra 36 being the first design.

They are easy to sail, hard to sail fast with the guys at the front of the fleet (just like the A-class).

If you see one out there for sale less than $4000, you are in the ball park. There is no real class with these boats anymore, but I think at the 1986 or 87 nationals held at Currumbin (stupidly as we had to sail through the surf to get to the course) there were about 12 18m2.

They are hard work to get back upright though if you capsize.

Flyer catamarans are making a new 18m2 based on their sensational A-class design.

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