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after the good turn out for the 5.8 series last season we will be running the series again next season and would like to get both more 5.8's and other nacra classes on the water also. i would again like any feed back on how we can improve what we did last year and also any new ideas for this year. eg do we want more rounds, less rounds, or the same amount. where and when do we want to run them. what regattas do we not want to clash with. i would realy like to hear from clubs as too what dates they have reggatta's on. and if they would like a round of the series held at there reggatta.

also we will have a mixed fleet class on vyc for all nacra's that do not have more than 5 boats in class. also give me some feedback on if we want more or less drops. i know that mitch (dry's'bone) is working on a good system.

look forward to all input. in sailing REV YUKKA II

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I may have som information at home on what we did at the start of the Nacra Travellers series. It may be a help for you as it was sensational, but too many rounds.

It basically followed the major regatta program, that I must say was much better planned than it is now as no two regattas clashed.

It started with Forster and then moved to wherever the next regatta was, which I think back then was Pittwater. Even Oberon had a regatta on the lake there. I also remember Rathmines, Port Stephens, Botany Bay, Kurnell, Vincentia, Terrigal and one other I can't remember.

Ten in all with your best seven to count and a massive presentation night as it was also the state championship in there as well.

The states were not a seperate regatta, but part of the series. I still have the trophy somewhere too.

The first year we even had a few days sailing out of Manly on the harbour which was sensational. Balmoral is a better option though.

I think that most of the regattas need to be close to Sydney so you only need to spend one night away at most. Just my opinion.


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My list of places I have sailed and enjoyed include:

Yarra Bay

Mannering Park (anywhere on the Lake really)

Port Stephens (especially from the northern side at Hawks Nest

Port Macquarie

Sydney Harbour (out in the sound)

I have not sailed at Port Hunter but look forward to it.

Also, I would not mind a round in the bush as I love heading to the country often.


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Hi Rev,

Our first year of the Super Series was a learning curve but was run extremely well. Adding all Nacra Classes is a positive move too as most of the rounds we had a mixed fleet other than the 5.8's, but get 5 or more for a seperate division.

I'm happy with the current host clubs as there active Nacras sailing there. We could include the South West Rocks Regatta as long it doesn't interfere with the N.S.W States next year for all northern N.S.W Nacra sailors and maybe some from Queensland. We also have Newcastle Cat Club on Lake Macquarie trying to open it's doors again and will be hosting some open class regattas, but no dates yet.

If you add more regattas you have to address the ammount of drops too.

Port Hunter will be happy to host another round of the Super Super next season.

Regards Graceland 1591.


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Hi fellas,

Rev alluded to my suggestion on the scoring system, so I thought I would try and detail it for you all.

Essentially, everything stays the same apart from how the States are scored.

Instead of doubling everyone's scores from the States round, the scores of those who attend the States are halved, while those who don't attend are left as is.

What this means is that:

1) Boats that don't attend the States have to use 2 out of 3 dropped rounds on their States scores (as this would be when most boats are there).

2) Boats that do attend the States can use their 3 dropped rounds in the other races.

The method used this year (by doubling the scores) meant that just about everyone used 2 of the 3 dropped rounds at the States.

This will still encourage boats to come along by allowing them to miss three rounds and still be competitive as well as an extra incentive to attend the States.

Comments are more than welcome.

And Josh ... You have to come to Windamere at Easter and I will explain to you how I actually beat you in the series ...



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Sorry, one more point.

As one of the competitors who travelled more than most this year, I would suggest making the first THREE races on a weekend count instead of this year's four (meaning you can miss a whole weekend and use your drops to cover that), and including another regatta in there somewhere.

This means those who are travelling and want to get home Sunday night at a reasonable hour can do it and not have to miss a race that counts to the series.


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Well I am looking forward to bringing the little boat along to play with and hopefully a few other Nacra classes will turn up for a mixed fleet at first and then classes will form from that.

I am sure the boys at BCC will be more than happy to push anyone who has bought a boat in your direction as well.

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