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NSW Super Series

dryzabone 644

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Hi All,

I am finalising the scoring software for Rev to use during the NSW Nacra Super Series, and I wanted to let everyone know how it will work for 2007.

(DNS - Did Not Start, DNF - Did Not Finish, DSQ - Disqualified)

In each 'normal' round (first 18 races):

1st place scores .75 pnts, 2nd - 2 pts, 3rd - 3 pts etc;

DNF scores number of starters plus one (if 7 boats start race, DNF - 8 pts);

DNS/DSQ scores number of starters plus two pts (7 starters - 9 pts);

For the last two rounds (first two races of the State Titles):

Each starter will get half the normal score, (1st - .375 pts, 2nd - 1 pnt, 3rd - 1.5 pts etc);

DNF will get half normal score (13 starters, DNF - 7 pts);

DSQ will get half normal score (13 starters, DSQ - 7.5 pts);

DNS will not get halved (13 starters, DNS - 15 pts).

Each boat will drop it's three worst rounds at the end of the series.

This system is meant to:

Encourage participation in as much of the series as possible by enabling someone to miss a weekend and still remain competitive, and;

Encourage everyone to attend the State Titles by making those rounds half as 'costly' as the normal rounds.

By the way, lowest score at the end of the series in each class (and class/sail number category) will be getting ........

I'll let Rev finish that one.


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Good work Mitch, you seem to be right on top of it!

With regards to prizes for winners... I have been organising sponsorship for the series and so far so good (big company and good dollars for promotion). I don't want to say too much before it is definite but prizes at each round will be supplied plus grand prizes at the end. There should also be another couple of freebies thrown in that I have no doubt most people will enjoy.

I will give out the Super Series website address as soon as we get the go ahead (hopefully within the fortnight).

For everyone that doesn't have a NACRA... GO AND GET ONE!

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if you want any info feel free to give me a call 0408 650 430 or email martinhbds@bigpond.com a quick run down is that the series runs over 5 regattas. top gun KKC 28/29 oct, wallerawang (lithgow) 18/19 nov, mannering park 20/21 jan, port hunter 10/11 feb, south west rocks 10/11 march. all you need to do is have a nacra to be in the series. (but if you have a boat of any sort come along and join in the fun).

there will be classes, handicap both adjusted and vyc. NacraPhelia628 (josh) has some great things happening with sponsorship, should be really good. mitch is onto the handicap (he drinks VB)lol. i can't wait to get out on the water with the fleet and have a beer on the bank with the guys. REV.

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I will do my best to get to a couple of these and drop a case of beer on the right persons lap if needed to get a good rating.

I think I am at Orpheus Island during the Lithgo weekend which is a shame.

The first regatta I ever won was Oberon. Also the first time I got booked for speeding too.

I was serious about prizes. My company may have some things that may be good.

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