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Fibreglasser in NSW


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What do you mean by we damaged it already ?

In fact, no we didn't ! Or we haven't done it all.

Some undelicate person damage the hull (most likely with his trailer whilst rotating it to get out) whilst in the yard and didn't have the balls to tell us ;-(

What can you say, ou boat is not equipped yet with video surveillance ;) So we have to get over it and get it repaired.

Now the spinnaker tube, is ours only ;) A unfortunate capsize and the crew ended up on the tube, part of the learning curve I guess.

Thanks for the info, I will contact Mark in order to get some quote from him.

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Very disapointed to here that Pascal. I will bring it up at the next briefing.

As for Fiberglassers, another option would be Peter Backhouse (Backhouse Boating Services) who races a Taipan 4.9 every week at our club.

As for the snuffer, cut the back of the snuffer of and get a soft sock made up for it. I can speak to you more about this on Sunday or you could phone me if you are not comming down.



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Not to keen about cutting the tube as I think it is a better option than the soft one. Don't ask me why please ;) Nevertheless, I still need to fix it as both fixation to the pole are broken so it would need to be done too.

I am not sure I will be coming Sunday as Thomas is in India at the moment.

I guess the option would be to ban the road trailers from the yard ;) As between a road trailer and a cat's hull, trailer will always win, I guess ;)

Not a big drama, we got over it already long time ago ;)

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