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The Great Race

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Go to www.southportyachtclub.com

It's on the 10th of February, starting @ Runaway Bay and finishing @ Royal Qld at Manly... If the weather is good (don't want to break anything a week before the worlds) it should be a Fantastic race...

We haven't done it before, but we'll be there... Heard that it's a real challenge, put hairs onya chest and all that...

C'mon & join the fun....... get some free luvin'

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I don't think that's the right web page

You can get some lovin from it but no Great Race..

In its third year, we are expecting more than 80 off-the-beach cats and

dinghies, averaging 160 competitors from all over Australia, to test their

stamina and willpower on the 70km endurance racecourse from the Gold Coast

to Brisbane on the 10th February 2007! That's 5 weeks away, and we want you

to be a part of it!

Probably the longest off-the-beach sailing event of its kind to be run in

Australia, The Great Race stretches its way from here, Southport Yacht Club

on the coast, up through the waterways between the mainland and the islands,

all the way into the openess of Moreton Bay to finish just off RQYS in


With South Easters having been on every competitors Christmas wish list, and

the tide already pre-planned for this year's event, hearts and minds should

be set on the race records! For the cats its 3hrs 24m 2s, set by Neville

Thompson and Shamus Stevens onboard a Hobie Tiger in the inaugural year!

The fastest dinghy time recorded is 4hrs 18m 22s set by Yancy Smith in a

14ft skiff, also from the 2005 race. Wanna beat it?

The event, proudly boasting some serious sponsors this year: Ronstan, Sports

Super Centre, Marrvale Painting Contractors, Natural Oz Clean, Norco Milk

and Sailtech Australia, is open to all dinghies with a yardstick rating less

than or equal to 109, and all multi-hulls with yardstick less than 100.

So you up for it? Got the strength, the guts, the determination? What

about an eski, a good mate and the odd screw loose! That'll do! Fill in

the attached entry form, and don't miss out on this epic adventure!

Return forms to me at helen@southportyachtclub.com.au or feel free to

contact me on any of the numbers below for further info! Get your entries

in early so you don't miss out on all the competitor benefits prior to the


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Leeroy, that race used to be part of the regatta held by the Gold Coast Catamaran Club. They held that around Easter each year (I think). The club is pretty much a Hobie affair. Maybe if you go into the Hobie forum and send out an APB for either Bruce Tardrew (Tards) or Sarah Turnbull(?) they will give you the rub. They have had declining numbers in recent years and I don't remember seeing it advertised last year around SYC. I think their major event now is the Bad News Regatta. If we show some interest they may put it back on. I bailed up Sarah at the Cat Challenge and promised to drag some Nacra sailors down with me. When we get our new 5.0 look out Hobiedudes. Are you man enough to come sailing with us, Leeroy?

Love always


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Jeepers Leeroy, did you used to be a Hobiedude? I can just see you in '83 whizzing up and down with gaily coloured sails flapping and the wind whipping at your massive side burns; post regatta you slip into something more comfortable, a pair of stubbies and can of Cold Gold - KB!

See you at the Great Race man.


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Bucko, Bucko, Bucko... tsk, tsk, tsk,

People have been stoned (with rocks that is) for lesser crimes... Side-burns, handle-bar Mo, chest hair, bear look for sure. Even possibly gayly coloured sails...

BUT NEVER, EVER a Hoobie dood. Always Hydra 5m for over 4 (nearly 5 years, 79/80 to late 83) then Nacra's since '84.

Jeez, i'm going to have to down to the Blue Oyster Bar for a Margarita to recover from that one....


Luv & Kisses,

Leroy wink.gif

P.S.- See you at the "Big One"...

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There are 2 Alpha's for sale on Ebay at the moment and a Nacra 5.2.

It would be great to see the 5.2's make a comeback like the 5.8's, but that is a long shot.

Sorry I didn't sail on the weekend. I did watch and drop some hats off, but I have a very bad back and I am not permitted to sail at the moment.

Josh's boat goes real well with no-one on it too.

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Yeah thats right Matt! While my girlfriend and I were sitting in the water watching my boat tack itself towards a nice big and expensive yacht I was thinking "glad I paid my insurance about a month ago!!".

Another big thanks should go to Steve Brewin and crew who saw my boat and managed to get to it just in time to save me paying any excess and to Stew (I think) on his windrush for picking us up.

All the NACRA sailors were really impressed with the RM Williams hats.

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