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30th Nacra Nationals Bunbury W.A.

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I would love to be there but with no boat nor crew I will watch the internet to see what is going on.

I would struggle to get away from both my jobs but there is nothing more I would want to do than grab a Nacra and head to WA and play in the waves and wind.

I have a 4 year old who would handle a 5.0 two up or a 5.8 after some coaching.

Unfortunatley this is not going to happen and I do not have the money to get a 5.0 or 5.8. But give me a couple of years to pay off the house and cars I will be there as a sailor and sponsor again.

I think I can bring along a few 1980's and 90 boys as well to have a blast.


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First 5.0 nomination received. Steve and Kerry will also enjoy a few beers when they arrive care of the W.A. Association.

There will be a 5.0 Nationals!. Still room for 4 more boats in the container from Brisbane, so come on 5.0 owners this could be a cheap nationals and its not every year you guys get the chance.

We are still holding 2 cabins and 2 units 50 metres from the club, so contact me for accommodation and BCC for the container.


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Originally posted by humungus2:

Never sailed a Nacra before but I bet I don't come last at the WA nats. Borowed a 16 square thanks to TIM and gonig to flog the worst sailors. Beginers luck might work and I may just teach my bro how to sail. I beleive he is allready nervis.

Can someone tell me what I do with a trap.

How about you go back to school and learn how to spell...............

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NACRA W.A. Welcomes MAGIC MARINE as its latest sponsor for the Bunbury Nationals.

This event just continues to get bigger.


For your Magic Marine Products contact Warren at Bris Cat or myself at Goose Marine.

Some off the latest 2008 range has been donated by Magic Marine and several lucky sailors will be wearing some home.

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