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NACRA Sirocco comparison with other 14's


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The 460 is the one to play with if you want a fast and fun simple boat.

It is much like the 4.5 thats sold here but it's updated with new beams and rudders etc.

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Don’t want 460s sold in Aust.

Keep the 4.5 fleet building up, a couple of clubs now have half a dozen boats racing each week. I talked to a fella from BCC recently and was told they sold more 4.5s than anything else last year.

Besides the twin traps on a 460 are the only positive. Put a 14^2 Spi on a 4.5 and with 3m^2 more sail area and 20kg less the 4.5 should blow it to the weeds. For AUS $5000 less.

Nacra 460 Sport

Spec Data

• Lenght: 460cm

• Width: 235cm

• Mast Lenght: 778cm

• Weight 142kg

• Main Sail Area: 12.30m²

• Jib Area: 3.15m²

• Spinnaker Area: 15m²

• SCHRS Rating: 1.227

• Homologation CE: C3/D4

• Construction: Polyester

Standard Specifications:

• MNX Mainsail Orange

• MNX Jib fitted down to spi-pole Orange

• Snuffer Kit complet

• Nylon Spinnaker Black

• Harken Mainsail Block 6:1

• Cunningham system 4:1

• Ariba Adjustable tiller stick

• 2 Trapeze

• Black Mesh Trampoline

• Fully Harken Equipped

USD 16,605.00 = AUS

NACRA 4.5 Advertised Specs @ AUS $14000 + 14^2 Spi kit @ $2000

LENGTH: 4.56m (14’9”)

BEAM: 2.44m (8’)

DRAFT: n/a

DISPLACEMENT: 120kg (264lb)

SAIL AREA: 17.5sqm (188sqft)

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Wow, what a can of worms!!!!!

The 4.5 Nacra is a nice boat, versatile, adaptable and fairly simple. I believe the 4.5 is aimed at the family more than the resort owner. Like the 14sq is aimed more at the racer. Now don't get me wrong, i love the 14sq more than any other boat I've owned, but It has a busted casting on the lower end of the mast which holds the pin, so I have issues putting the mast up on my own. The bank balance has taken a hit with unforseen costs during our renovations, so I'm "band aid-ing" until tax time. I can't wait to get it all sorted, should've just got the new one and be done with it!!

What got my attention with the Sirocco was that it is the ideal boat to get the young ones in on the cat sailing act. I feel it is the harmless simplicity which appeals to the younger sailors at Tinaroo, because when they got the Bic O'pens, the numbers at the sailing school skyrocketed. I see the Sirocco having the same unintimidating appeal to the younger ones. All we had when i was a lad, was a hobie 14 or old slugger mari's/windrush.

If i started a sailing school up here, they would be my boat of choice. I'm seriously considering it as my next purchase, but the 14sq is so much fun.

I'm going to Port Douglas S.C. on the 6th June to see what happens there, as I was invited by one of the members (and I thought Port People were snobs... how wrong i was!!!!) and I'm trying to get a crew together to go up and have a fun day at the "Mini Nacra Knockout Regatta" on Sun 26th July.

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Sailed Siroccos at Daydream island a couple of years ago but I found them fairly “dull”. I don’t know but it could have been a “resort version” if there is such a thing. Fairly short mast from memory, I guess they would be the perfect resort cat. My 4.5 feels like a racer compared to those Siroccos…. And for the suitability of the 4.5 as a club cat you only have to look at the kids from Port Douglas sail club.

I am also in the process of “souping” up my 4.5 so look out.

Its great to here that the 4.5 numbers are building…

Tell me more about “ mini Nacra knockout” is this like match racing on a 4.5? you get drawn a 4.5 and you race against another 4.5 in a knock out comp?

Also what happens on the 6th June in Port Douglas? (that’s the same weekend Townsville holding there sprint regatta)



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Originally posted by nacra-maricat australia:

The 4.5 sells here for $11990 for boat only.Not $14400

It is our biggest selling boat for the last 3 years.

We are expecting a class at upcoming nationals in Hervey Bay in January.

2 news one leaving factory this week.

How's that compare with the Sirocco with trap and jib price wise?

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Have emailed Rob at the Port Douglas sailing club and asked for more info about the knock-out-sprint comp, would definitely come for a drive if its on and open to “southerners” Don’t wurrie every kid at the Port Douglas sail club beats me! Like to think its because they are 1/4 of my weight but I am afraid it has more to do with sailing skills… or lack there off

My apologies to Cascade for getting this thread side tracked, In my book a 4.5 with main only is a much nicer package than a Sirocco if that ever was the question.

Then you can ad jib, kite, front tramp, trapeze, in hull storage etc to the 4.5 and turn it in to whatever you want.



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Hey Chris, do you know of any Sirocco's around Cairns? I'm liking the Idea of something that i can set up myself, Love the 14sq, but having issues with raising/ Lowering mast on my own.

Just wanted to have a look at a Sirocco to check them out.

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Sorry I don’t know if there is any around in far north QLD. I guess you could check with the resorts around Cairns? You could also contact Mick or Nacra in Brisbane and ask them.

I guess Siroccos are living a more anonymous life than models that is actively raced…. There is one for sale in QLD on www.boatsales.com.au search for Nacra.

Otherwise you have to take your family/friends to Daydream Island and sail them there smile.gif better check that they still have them first.

Good luck



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Well, i found one at Port Douglas on Saturday, and they are fun!! Easy enough to wheel around the beach on your own, and a young sailor and I beat some "older wink.gif" fellows on a 4.5!!

The sirooco comes with a reasonably priced on board esky option for "CRUISING!!" still has the trap and jib option, will fit into any garage, shallow water rudder option for inland sailing (lake Eyre), 5 year Nacra warranty, heaps of bouyancy for extra passengers, Coloured sail option to help convince the ministry for War, Industry, Finance and Economic decisions or W.I.F.E. that it is a pretty boat and she can feel good about buying it.

All that is missing is an assymetrical gennakker option.

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