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Nacra 430 launched-specials on first 10 sold

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G'day Richard,

In big breeze, the 430 will keep up with Inter 17's up wind!!!

I've never sailed a 4.5 with a kite kit, but better sailors than me smashed hobie 16s downwind with the kite. even I was doinig well against the H16s, and I've only done a season on a 14SQ and a bit of a season on the 430 rocket.

They have great balance, the bows can go under and it will recover from being buried further than any other cat I've experienced, I have some video of a mate and I being foolish and burying the bows, but I'm reluctant to post it on youtube. Roscoe and Warren will probably void my warranty if they see what I've been doing to my most favourite boat ever. Roscoe especially, he is probably the only one who loves the boat more than me.

I proved to myself at Tinaroo Mayday regatta that I've still got alot to learn about assymetrical spinnakers, tacking skeg hulls and trapping with a kite up. I still beat 3 hobie 16s , a 16sq and the 2 Inter 17s on corrected time, so it may be the case that 85VYC is a bit too high, but in light winds, the Inter 17's flog me, as they are around 125kgs with 21 SQ mtrs of sail, and the 430 is around 110kgs with about 13.85 SQ mtrs of sail (main & Jib) and 11.46 sqm of assymetrical, so the VYC may be somewhat balanced between strong and light winds.

So if the breeze is more than 25knots, and everything is backing off, the 430 is still under it's limit. I believe i was hit with a 30 knot gust and the kite picked the front up and i managed to bear away, if I had the inter17 with the kite up, it would've been a handful.

I can take learner sailors out in winds up around 15-20 and they don't freak out as the boat feels really safe and is smooth through the water, the bouyancy is fantastic, still plods along with 3 on. Have a look at the video with windward performance, it has over 200kgs of helm/crew on, and it is still hammering to windward.

Best money I've ever spent, and If the self tacking jib works on it, it'll probably be with me for a long time.


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We're not getting the self tacker ... I'm interested to see how the boat sails first. The problem with the self tacker is twofold ... the tacker can flog when luffing, and you can't back the jib if stalled. The boat is going to be a training boat foremost, and so I'd like to have a more conventional jib setup.

As to the VY ... lets see. The VY suggests that it would not be faster than a well sailed 4.5 without a kite across an average of conditions, let alone a 4.5 with one.

I don’t think the strength of this boat is the outright speed though. If you want to beat a 4.5 with a solo cat, then get an F16, F17, 16 square etc, or if you’re a complete loony, race an F18 solo (I’ve seen it done, but he was French and high on garlic). Those up and coming cat sailors with slightly less experience need to start somewhere easier, and the 430 is a small, modern cat that will help feed sailors into the larger cat classes. I’ve seen more than one interested novice come into cats, scare themselves silly on 5.0/5.8 type boats, then never sail again. I think the BrisCat team have a winner in the 430, and here’s hoping for its little brother, the 380 (the boat Ross, not the Mitsubishi).

But who cares ... the boat looks like a hoot to sail! And if you're not having fun sailing, you're not doing it right.

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