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looking to buy f-16

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Sorry but I've got to butt in there. The Taipan Association as I understand it, aren't really anti F16, I think its more the F16 founders, cracked it with them because the Taipan Association wanted to remain as its present one design class, therefor causing the slinging matches that still take place every now and again.

I believe there is as Phil has pointed out, a boat on the Taipan website for sale with a kite, so best of both worlds, you can sail in the Taipan one design class or the F16 class.

I'm guessing you would have seen that the Taipan Association has voted to change to what is basically a F16 mainsail.

Your other options at the present I guess would be a Mosquito with kite, or build a Blade F16.



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Would guess there are very few F16 in Australia. If you absolute want an F16 I would think you have couple of options.

Buy a 2nd hand Taipan and convert it to a F16 or ad $5000 to your budget and buy a new F16 (Australia or Overseas). Or sit back and wait for a while since F18 and F16 are some of the fastest growing classes overseas it can only be a matter of time before you will be able to buy them here in Australia.

And yes you can buy the plans and build one yourself.


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going ahead with the conversion at the moment it requires a new front and back beam at 2.5 meters wide around 600 plus from ahpc spinnaker kit around 2000 from ahpc new main sail around 1550 that is for mk1 for mk2 add new jib and self tacker.

I went for 80mm x 2mm front and rear beam $80.00 from Alcan dolphin striker local made for around $60.00 traveler track for rear beam $100.00 new tramp making myself $100.00 for material as for sail working on design to also make my self.spinnaker kit not sure how much in total will cost but guessing including kite around $1200.00. we have in SA

at present 1x blade 1x conveted A 3x taipan 4.9 two being converted at the momement and a few other about to build blades. with glass

blade not far away so we will have a very good fleet of f16 by start of the next season

just one reason i'm not going to bother with taipan as it is thanks danny

converting 2x Taipans to f16 will post photos

on f16 forum when boat is painted

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Originally posted by MikeDean:


What is the latest with yr F16 conversion?

Any pics?


Mike Dean

Hi Mike,

hope you don't mind me answering for Danny. Not sure how often he visits this forum.

F16 Taipan has been racing for most of this year, you can see it in State Challenge Report from Portland. Photo's on Catsailor.com F16 forum.

Regards Gary.

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