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Mari 4.8?

Guest hecle

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I was given a Mari 4.8 around a year ao and haven't seen or heard of another one existing.... Are they out there? Did they stop makimg them? Why?



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We used to have a couple of 4.8's sailing down here years ago.

the boat didnt look anything like the other maricats, it had a liped deck like a prindle, not a very deep boat at all. It was sailed solo with just a mainsail and a trapeze.

reason they stoped makeing em, they were a dog of a boat, they nose dived easily, were not the best to tack, and felt like a tug.

but for playing around on a sunny day, you couldnt go wrong, especially considering the price!

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Have you been sailing the Mari 4.8 much?

Have you any photo's of it.

The Mari 5 metre was the boat that the Taipan was based on.

Put them next to each other on the beach and there is very little difference at all.

The Mari 5 is a great boat to sail and it is a pity that they are not being made anymore as I thought that they were sensational on the water.

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Guest Maricatkid

The Mari 4.8 was actually a great boat if you knew how to make it go.

Those who bag the boat possibly never learnt the finer points of cat tuning.

They were designed by a bloke named Claude McCoullough. Since deceased i think.

I was brought up sailing the maricats and my old man was a founder of the Victorian Maricat association in the seventies.

The boats ceased production due to the advent of newbie sailors taking up windsurfing and other such pursuits.

There were maybe 200 or so built. Not sure of this figure.

On another topic, does anyone remember the term used for the alloy castings on the bows of a Maricat 4.3. --Hobie Breakers!

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Guest steamckicken

I am also one of the seemingly few around with a mari 4.8. Havn't been able to find out much about them either. A good boat it seems to be. Looking at rigging a jib on it we'll see how that goes. Only complaint is that the big ar%@ lip that runs right around the hulls is a great speed brake at the transom. Wonder if it could be faired out a little on the trailing edge?

How do you find the 4.8?

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Guest out of the closet

Calling all Maricat 4.8s.....

why not surprise everyone at the NSW State Maricat Titles and turn up at Toukley at Easter?

You could be the NSW champion if 3 or more turn up.........

Go retros...did they have coloured sails originally?...or were they getting serious at the time?????

You could start a class register of all the boats....

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