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Hydra purchase?

Windy Jindy

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I have a broken Sundance 16ft at the moment and whilst I have been searching for parts I have come across a Hydry 16 (87) vintage.

The sails are near new (1 x main,2 x jibs), tramp needs re-egding,needs a good clean, one hull has a crack in the bottom at the front about 1 to 2 ft long about 3 inches from the very bottom from being wind blown on to the rocks for little while(looks like the firer glass layers may have just seperated). A pretty good nic trailer rego'd with solid gal sail box fixed come with it and beach rollers and littel nic nacs. Any ideas on value of the cat and can a split like this be fixed (not sure if the top insert deck can be removed to gain acess to the inside). Is it a good cat to sail as it has hardly been sailed and just sat around waiting for the right person or an idiot like me to think its a great project for repairs.

All thought and coments welcomed( about the Hydra )



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$1000, if the crack is the only problem. There is no class racing for Hydras and they have been out of production for years (some parts can still be purchased from the cat factory). The deck sections are generally just sikaflexed in, so should be reasonably easy to remove for the hull repair, You can buy a Hobie 16 from Mannering Park SC for $1000, new trampoline, reg trlr and F/glass sailbox. Ph(02)43591729

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