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High Guy's I have recently purchased a Nacra 5.0 and before that i was sailing hobies, i must say the Nacra is a Fantastic boat and could not see myself sailing anything else, they are far superior in a lot of ways,Their light, they have bulkheads which make them super strong and to sail one is like the smoothest ride i have ever experienced, I took my 5.0 out the other day for the first time and could not believe the Ride, she didn't drag through the water,She just Slipped through,anyone who is thinking of purchasing a new boat STOP and don't deny yourself the chance to own a truly great boat, You buy a Nacra and it will be the only boat you will ever need Guaranteed, having said that,their factory at Brisbane were i was today buying some parts to upgrade my Nacra 5.0 Rudder System, Have everything you could ever want to keep you on the Water, Ross and the other Guy's that work there are all very approachable and very helpful. I praise Nacra for bringing us a Terrific line of boats to chose from. http://www.catsailor.net/cgi-bin/ubb/icons/icon6.gif

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