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Many cats to choose between


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I am looking at getting my own cat but need some direction with what cat would be most appropriate for me.

I grew up with a Maricat 4.3 which, from memory, was pretty fast and fun with a couple of teenagers on board but was sluggish with 4 bulging adults (to be fair, I'd assume that 4 adults is not within a 4.3m's intended use anyway).

I am after a cat that is total fun for 2 adults and can take another couple of adults or kids out for rides as well. Purely social, no racing intended. Probably will be mainly used in Sydney, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens

My take is that I need 16' or 17' for the extra carrying capacity.

I have done a modest amount of net surfing and can see the brand choice is varied with Mari, Nacra, Hobie and seemingly others too.

How does one make a sensible choice? Any thoughts on what is most suitable?



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Any more than two adult people onboard I'd want an 18 footer or bigger for speed and comfort without becoming bogged down

a 16/17 foot hobie with any more than 2 onboard is literally going to be dragging itself thru the water.

you don't mention funding so i presume cash is not a problem.

Find out which cat appeals to you most and then inspect the for sale ads on this site and elsewhere

A sensible choice in my definition always come down to how much are you prepared to pay!

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There are heaps of boat to choose from. It depends on you abilities and budget.

The 5.8 is a great boat for sure and I love them, but can be a handful in a blow. But they have good racing fleets now.

If you are not racing and just messing about, a Nacra 5.0 will also do the trick. Can be sailed by one easily, but also with two and can hold 4 adults.

A hobie 18 will do the trick as well. An old Prindle 16 has plenty of bouyancy as well.

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Hi Cat_it_again,

My Nacra 5.8 is up for sale, check it out in the boats for sale section and there is a couple of photos. A 5.8 is an excellent boat for taking out more than 2 adults due to the the buoyancy the hulls have. You will not have a problem with hulls sinking from the weight. I have had 2 adults and 2 kids on board with minimal reduction in speed and power. The 5.8 can get a bit hairy in wind over 25 knots but so do all other cats.

Regards Graceland.


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