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Nationals Results


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Most of the guys would just be getting back from Port Maquarie on the weekend. Expect there will be a race report and results shortly.

We sailed 10 title races plus an invitation race in generally light conditions apart from the last race on Friday. Two races could be dropped. The scoring system is first = 0, second = 3, third is 5.7 and so on.

Supersloop was won by Bob Simpson on Wild Tiger. Bob finished the series on 3 points which is equal to 7 firsts and 1 second place.

Cat Rigged was won by myself 3 points on ZAX with 7 firsts and 1 second (dropped 2 second placings)

Lachlan was second and Wayne Barry 3rd. Lachlan won 2 heats and Wayne 1. Things would most likely have been different in moderate to strong winds. Wayne sails particularly well in the moderate to strong winds. It should also be noted that Wayne was in front for the invitation race and first heat but was recorded as DNF on a technicality. Lachlan was running second in the first heat and would have then expected to take line honours with Wayne out of the race, however he ran aground in the shallows of the river leaving the race open for ZAX. So the final point score does not reflect the closeness of the competition at the Nationals. There was not much between all the Cat rigged boats in the fleet.

Usually at that time of year we expect moderate to strong wind conditions for the Nationals, it was unexpected to have a light wind series. The river currents made the sailing challenging at times.

The boats were not all weighed, mine weighed in at 97kg (2 kg over) but was voluntarily carrying lead weights to bring it over minimum. Platform weight of the new boat is 82kg but it is very strong and stiff compared with the other maricats. It had additional reinforcing to cope with the spinnaker used in non maricat events.

A more detailed race report should be available soon I would expect.

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Thanks for that.

Were fleet numbers up or down on previous years.

Is there talk of anybody else purchasing the new foam sandwich Mari.

Did anybody sail with a Chris Cairns sail.

Sorry about all the questions bit starved of info down in Tassie

Petes downhaul and rudder modifications seem to work well.

He has moulded a couple of small towers on the top of each hull near the rear beam.Each tower has a cleat on top and from where its positioned now he can easily control his rudder positions,especially helpful with swell running onto the beach.

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Numbers were down on the previous year. Of the quicker boats in the fleet, Havoc and O'Really were the ones noticably missing.

The new maricat had alot of people looking over it and it seems to generate interest particularly from people outside the class and new people interested in taking up sailing.

Yes there is talk of others ordering a new boat and/or new sails. Last years National Champ, Prima Facie, seems most likely to be replaced with a new one next.

Some people use Chris Cairns sails, Gramps used one in the Cat division last year but changed to a Kevin Flower sail. Bob Simpson also used one last year but used an Eastwind sail this year. One other Cat used a Chris Cairns sail this year the rest were Adams sails.

There is talk of 3 previous National Champs returning to the Cat division this year. One of the guys is looking at a new sail from Geoff Adams now.

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Zax forgot to tell you about his new light weight rudder blade holding mechanism...

it replaces the heavy aluminium casting on the tiller arm...

it consists of a moulded "glass" form that pivots and clips over the arm with a jamb cleat on top...when rudders bottom out the whole piece unclips and pivots back and dumps the rope out of the cleat...currently a new item out of nacra and is now made for our larger tiller bar....contact Ross Guinea @ Brisbane cat centre or Andrew Holden @catsailor.net.



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John - congratulations on what, on paper at least, looks a very convincing win.

The new rudder system worked well in the light to moderate winds we had on Sunday. No gust was over 15 to 17 knots, so the system really didn't get tested for strength.

I have been working on a better rudder downhaul system for a while. As I got older I found the standard rudder lever system most difficult to use when trying to get out through a decent shore break/surf we can get at our club. I stole the idea from the Nacra 5.8s and Paper Tigers in Tasmania, and tried to adapt it to the Maricat.

Will post a photo or two of the system when I can bribe my daughter to show me how to use her camera and then download the photos.

Sunday was the first test of the system. I finished the towers late on Saturday night. System works well from normal sailing positions. As to weight, it may be slightly heavier than the standard levers etc, but there would be not much in it. The towers could certainly be built lighter, and I am likely to hit them with an angle grinder (Maricaters tool of choice)before too long.

John - does your platform weight of 82 kgs include the corrector weights? How heavy were the other boats that were weighed? Sorry for so many questions, but can you tell us a bit about the sail cloth you used?

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Thankyou for the information, I will look forward to see a pic when possible.

The results from the Nationals are now posted by Graham Heap at http://users.bigpond.net.au/graham_heap/maricat/catjan05os.html

On ZAX I also do not use the leaver system for the downhaul. I use the same system I had on the Nacra 5.8 from Brisbane Catamarans.

I also used the Nacra system on Sweet16. Including the corner fittings rather than the maricat rubber fittings. A number of the boats racing use the same.

82 Kg is the platform weight prior to adding lead. 82 + 15 would give 97kg which is over the minimum of 95kg. My rig is lighter than 15kg though that is why I added the extra weight. The old boom section is the main weight saving, then lighter battens, then sail cloth and the older flexible mast is lighter also.

The other maricats were not weighed.

The sailcloth I used is a new ripstop material from contender. I think it works great on the maricat especially in stronger wind conditions. It is not as flexible as the previous material so its range is a bit less. I would not go back to the previous material since using this though.

Geoff Adams seems to like the cloth and makes a nice sail from it.


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Can someone put up some images of links to Maricats with the new sails you've mentioned plus rudder controls etc and also any images of mari's under spinnaker.

Would you have to be out on trapeze to hold a mari with spinnaker down?


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Hey QB2,

(sorry to hear the demise of your beloved QB2, great boat in their day)

Geoff from Port Sailing Club was taking photos over the week from the rescue boat.

Most of us ordered a disk from him, didn't cost much and helped him make some extra dollars for the club and cover his costs...

When these are available some will be on the Maricat web page.

Someone's wife was using a video camera from the riverbank and 1st floor of the club some of these may come to light all in time.

good sailing


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Link for maricat homepage


ZAX is a new maricat built by Brisbane Catamarans it is foam sandwich and minimum weight allowed by association rules. ZAX also has a squaretop rig and spinnaker to use in F14 events in the retro division.

A picture of ZAX is posted under the 14ft forum under the topic 'rules' this is the link for the picture.


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Did any of you guys have trouble at the Nationals with the tide??

I've spoken to some of the Canberra sailors and they mentioned that the tide/current really screwed them around. Not something we really have a problem with here in Canberra smile.gif

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