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Nationals 2007


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i'm fairly new to the whole scene here so what i think may not be 100% correct but from what i can gather from the website here, most of the action seems to take place in nsw so i reckon it would be great to have some events in qld. i am sure there would be just as much support here as anywhere else, and plus we have better weather ;)

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I only know the Lake near Noosa. We have had the nationals there before. The Queensland guys should have a better idea.

Trial Bay is a good half way point but QLD is long overdue for a nationals.

We will most likly strike heavy winds in QLD which suites us heavy blokes. You would expect lots of wind in QLD because they are allways have a lot to say.

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Sounds like the NSW boys are going noth in 2007. Hope there is good accommodation up there.Now we just need to sourght out the 2006 states. If it is going to be tanilba bay, then they will need to be notified by the association or is there someone with their hand up to host it.

Don't be shy all you sailing clubs out there.

Think of the money!

Think of the glory!

Just thinking would be a start.

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Thank you to all those who have supported the Wildcat regatta at Forster during the October Long Weekend.

The Wildcat regatta has always ensured that all sailors, whether they are novice sailors with aged boats, or semi/professional world and olympic holders with state of the art craft, are able to compete and enjoy the Wildcat experience.

This is one of the significant features of the Wildcat, being able to meet and race with some of the world very best.

The GLSC has always ensured that all class of catamaran is catered for during the Wildcat regatta.

The GLSC welcomes any expression of interest in the hosting of any class/group titles etc in conjunction with the Wildcat regatta.

The GLSC will continue to host the Wildcat regatta on the October Long weekend. This year the regatta will also include the NSW A-Class titles. In the past the regatta has also hosted the first two F18 Australasian titles.

The GLSC recognises the social value of the Wildcat regatta and invests a significant amount of resourcing to ensure the regatta is as much a success onshore as it is on the water.

Yours Sincerely

Scott Machon

Secretary GLSC

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All the suggestions for 2007 look great and any assistance on who to contact etc. from these clubs would be appreciated.

For the 2006 State Titles. Tanilba bay SC has been asked by the association about this and not responded as yet. Toukley is also being asked since they were not able to have the 2006 Nationals there due to prior commitments.

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Through compiling results of the Wildcat regatta we have noticed a definite but gradual decline in the numbers of Maricats participating in the Wildcat.

Over the past two years the Wildcat has also included the F18 Nationals. The club has always been concerned that hosting the F18's in conjunction with the Wildcat may intimidate other classes.

What the GLSC wants is a lot of guys of all skill levels and boat class competing over a long weekend. We've got footy grand final on the big screen and plenty of space to camp.

This year we are running the NSW A-Class titles in conjunction with the Wildcat. This year we are running a variation of a Trapeziod course. Essentially they are parallel windward return courses. An inner course for the A-Class and an outer course for the Wildcat fleets. This allows us to separate the fleet whilst ensuring the A-Class fleet has minimal disruption and the Wildcat fleet enjoy a few reaches in their course.

If you want a copy of teh NOR. Email me: scott.machon@det.nsw.edu.au


Scott Machon



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are you talking about the 2006 - 07 nationals or 07-08?

I know lake cootharaba sailing club has scheduled sharpy nats on 1-7 jan and minnow nationals 8-13 january

if you wanted to see if they could conduct your nats see below-

Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club Inc.

ABN 30 624 557 096

24 Boreen Parade

Boreen Point 4565

Queensland Australia

Telephone:- Ph 07 5485 3352 Fax 07 5485 3080

Committee Contacts

Commodore:- Ross Mapleston 07 5485 3193

Vice Commodore:-Jean Duffield 07 5485 3190

Rear Commodore:-Murray Dyer 07 5450 8055

Secretary:-Alison Smith 07 5443 1126



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