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nats progress results


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First race. Mick, J Merl then Wayne

Second race. Mick, Merl then Wayne

Third race, Mick, Wayne then Merl

Post update tomorrow.

Sandwich Action.

Buy Micks new winning demo boat $9,750.00 including trailer. The whole unit is only 3 weeks young,

Currently in QLD will deliver the Sydney.


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OK I think this is how it goe's.

There is only two super sloops. John Merl and Andrew Cook from Tanilba.

We are all starting together and doing the same course.

Cat div

Mick, Wayne, Leon from QLD, Zac Breaden, Mark Colecliffe from WA, Laucky Tucker from Tanilba, Lea from WA, Jason from Mannering Park (having a few hull problems)

SS: Merl and then Cook

Don't quote me but it would be fairly close.

Tucker has pulled a few suprises out of the box to perform a personal best. Jason looks thretening at times but just not finishing the job. Big wind blowing today so this will sort the men from the boys.

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Work commitments stopped me from going to the Nationals this year. If I'd gone at least I would be guaranteed 'Bronze' in the Super Sloop division. As it stands Cookie is at least guaranteed 'Silver'. All he needs to do for 'Gold' is run over the top of John Merl. Maybe that's what Mick has been doing as he was practising this on Boxing Day. Tanilba Bay has the most boats there and should be the most successful club. Good luck all!!

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Race 6: Mick, John, Wayne, Mark, Jason, Leon, Lauchy, Zac, Cooky, Leigh 8k-10k

Race 7: Mick, Wayne, John, Mark, Lauchy, Cooky,

Jason and Leon had a bingel and went home early. Zac broke a halyard. Leigh capsized and got stuck in the mud for over an hour. And yes Scott, he cleaned the sail properly.

Mick to swap boats with Cooky today. Should be interesting.

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Congratulations to Mick on a very well sailed series.

As it turned out, Cooky actually took the Bronze in the SS division with young Jason K. just taking silver at the completion of race 8. Hope to see a larger SS fleet at Port Stephens in 2008 !

Starting all the Maricats together seemed a good idea and nice to be able to also compete on yardstick (although some of the Cats were quicker even on scratch times this year).

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