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Maricat Travelers series

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The Maricat Association of NSW & ACT is pleased to announce the Maricat Traveler's Series.

For 2008/2009 it will consist of four events, to be held in conjunction with the following regattas.

Mannering Park 14ft Regatta 11th/12th October.

ACT Multihulls 25th/26th October.

Tanilba Bay Regatta 14th/15th February.

Concord Ryde Sailing Club March - date to be confirmed.

All boats will enter and pay the regattas fees and compete under their normal yardstick.

Financial members of the Maricat Association may participate in the Traveler's Series at no extra cost.

Casual Maricat sailors wanting to participate to pay $10 per event.

All Maricats competing in the Traveler's Series will be allocated a MARI (Maricat Association Racing Index). This will be the relevant standard yardstick modified according to a number of factors such as Foam/GRP hulls, older retro sails, Rudder type, crew weight and age.


Rodney Anderson

Vice President

Maricat Association of NSW & ACT

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The aim of the series is to encourage Maricats of all ages, setup and sailing ability to compete against other Maricats. It is also to support the sailing clubs to which Maricat sailors belong.

The arrangements for the State and National Titles have changed for the coming season, with a departure from the usual stand alone regattas. The State Titles will be held in conjunction with the Kembla Klassic Regatta in late November. The National Titles will be held in conjunction with the Mannering Park Regatta on the January long week end.

The locations for the Traveler's Series, State and National Titles all have close affordable camping or accommodation. Some will have free on-site camping. Details will be available in the relevant NORs.

We look forward to see all new, old and current Maricat sailors at these regattas.

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Hi Rodney

I'm not clear here, as I understand, you are saying that if you are a member of the maricat acsoc that you are able to enter the travellers series free of charge, although you still have to pay the entry fee to the club hosting the regatta, am I correct on that.

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Korwich, that is correct.

The Travelers Series will run along side the "normal" regattas. With all boats which enter the Maricat series also entered into the regatta. Maricats may have a separate start division, depending on numbers entered.

Note: that the special MARI handicap will not apply to the normal regatta results, but only to the Maricat Travelers Series.

What events are included next season will depend on the success (or otherwise) of this first season, and the location and timing of the State and National titles.

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Thanks Rodney

I had visions of someone turning up to a regatta and getting Sh-tty because "it said on the net if you were a member of the maricat assoc the regatta was free"!

The Dozer and I will hopefully make it to 2 of these events if not 3 (dragon willing)

Cheers Phil

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Looks like we won't get to see the performance of the new Maricats at the Koonawarra Bay 14ft Cat Regatta, as it is clashing with the Tanilba Bay Regatta. This is a shame, as it would have been an ideal opportunity to gather good data about the performance of the foam sandwich boats.

It's a pity we never made any real progress with avoiding clashes of major catamaran regattas. There have been a few attempts to sort this out over the years, but with no great success.

At Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club, we have stuck to the same weekend for our regatta for 15 years (the second full weekend in February each year) in an attempt to allow other clubs to avoid this clash. This doesn't appear to have helped much.

Maybe this could be something the Australian Multihull Council could assist with, compiling an "official" calendar of events. In reality, it is to the benefit of all clubs to avoid a clash of their regattas.

Avoiding clashes of events that are particularly aimed at 14ft cats should be a relatively easy process. It is just a matter of finding the right forum/group to gather the data and publish it. To me, the AMC would be the right body to undertake this.

Anyway, it will be a pity not to have any Maricats at our event.



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I'll second Dave's comments. The Koonawarra Bay 14ft regatta has to be bar none the best 14ft regatta going, its been around for 15yrs (quite a few of which i have competed in) the Maricats should be supporting this.

Unless your after a Maricat only regatta at Tanilba because the rest of us will be at Koonawarra. And lets not forget the more at each regatta the more beneficial it is to our clubs to help them survive.

Also being at Koonawarra would help to solve the yardstick problem, as Dave and his team have been producing accurate yardsticks which other regatta's now use...

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If you are going to get a good roll up then I assure you I will turn up with some top sailors. The Weekend at Mannering Park will have the best sailors in the world bar none . Turn up to Manering Park if you want a good raced. I have a chance of actually being betten, MAYBE.

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Hi Rodney,

The NOR of race isn't up on the website yet. However, I have pasted the relevant details below, I will bring a copy up to Mannering Park this weekend and can email you a copy also if needed.



ACT Multi-hull Championships 2008-2009

Saturday 25 October 2008 to Sunday 26 October 2008

Organising Authority – The YMCA Sailing Club of Canberra in conjunction with Yachting ACT

Venue: Yarralumla Bay, Lake Burley Griffin, ACT


2.1 The regatta is open to all “Off-the-Beach” Multi-hull boats.

2.2 All entrants shall be a member of a sailing club affiliated with Yachting Australia Inc.


The required entry fee for skippers under 18 years of age is $25. The required entry fee for all other sailors is $50.


4.1 Registration:

Saturday 25 October 2008 From 0800 hrs To 0930 hrs

4.2 Dates of racing Time of first warning signal: Saturday 25 October 2008 Not before 1025 hrs No. of races up to 3 races

Sunday 26 October 2008 Not before 1025 hrs up to 3 races. No first warning signal will be made after 1500 hours on Sunday 26 October 2008

Map of the club can be found here:


For further information please contact Alan Perry on 02 6253 9721.

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