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Maricat 4.3 or Windrush 14

Kurt P

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Windrush may be easier to rig due to the mast step arrangement. Older Maricats may be a bit cheaper but there are plenty of both in back yards if you can find them. Don't discount racing. Joining a club is a very safe way to go sailing. The rescue boat is there to help if you get into trouble, which is often the case with an older boat and lots of help and advise if you need it. Just consider it cruising in company. Both Maris and Windies are about the same speed and sailing ability. Try to get a sloop (main and jib) as they tack SO much easier than a cat rig (just a main). Try to get one with real rudders, the deep blades, not the plywood "resort" rudders. There are good quality refitted older boats around which may be better than buying an old chicken coup and fixing it up.

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